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However one needs to be able to quickly enough dispatch the first fleets, while gamer poop skyrim 5 also dealing with the defence Stations and actually doing damage to the portal.
The AI Rebellion will always start in the territory of the empire that triggers.
The Prethoryn have three special modifiers attached to their empire: a 100 bonus to border projection, a 150 bonus to weapon damage, and a 150 bonus to hull strength.
Despite their 'ships' being biological in nature and using biological weapons, bulk carrier practice pdf it is possible to salvage and reverse-engineer some of their organic components to create weapons and strike craft compatible with conventional ships.Since the Swarm only can infest inhabitable worlds, it is possible to starve the Swarm by cornering them and launching surgical strikes toward their planets, thus widening the berth between them and any infestable territory.One is to wait for it to target an awakened Fallen Empire, another crisis or any strong empire with tough fleets to weaken.The Prethoryn "HAK HAK HAK!" isn't laughing at the other empires for trying to stop them, it's laughing at them for thinking they might survive something like The Hunters.Defeating the infiltration is what grants the achievement and this operation can not be done militarily.
Once that happens one of the following repeating events can take place once every few years: Synth infiltrators rig a spaceport to self-destruct.

Interestingly the Unbidden themselves tend to do just that to the other two factions.Unbidden ships come in 3 sizes Revenant-class Battleships.The fleets will still be around to harass their neighbours, which you are probably prepared to deal with.10 years after this, the Subspace Echoes event occurs.The Extra-dimensional invaders is the slowest crisis to expand early.Further Fleets will arrive 15, 30, 50, 110 and 350 days after the portal spawn (1, 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 days for following Factions).An empire might become the target of the AI Rebellion empire after the source empire has been defeated.The Scourge of the Void event will be added to the situation log, tracking various information about the invasion.This grants a single Prethoryn Queen ship (Battleship size/class) as part of a 'Domesticated Prethoryn' fleet, along with an immortal Prethoryn Consciousness Admiral.The Vanguard will arrive.5 years later with.000 of fleet strength on normal difficulty.