word 2000 oem key

Most ofem has been posted by Brian few years ago.
It is rumored that any five digits should work.
I also believe that their CD keys are primarily intended to defraud consumers from their legal rights to use the software (in the hope that they will lose the CD keys and have to buy another license, this time directly from Microsoft).Windows 98 Beta 3, works.5, a Serial Number for Visual Basic.0 Professional Edition.A CD Key for Works.5a OEM version is: This was 70-640 2nd edition pdf just tried as a guess and worked.For example, 01297 is for Dell.Another you can try is: 12495-OEM I am not sure what CD this is from, but I am compiling a list of all Microsoft applications that this OEM registration number works with.
K4RBR-F3K42-M9RXG-48TPR-H6BPB BMM7-8HWJ3-77RH9-G42W8-hmbpy JBP6P-C7FXJ-KQ23Q-qbpdm-XV4CY jbqf9-7bjkd-bmyph-4G9CM-Y9JXB jbqhq-PFT4W-HJ4B2-MK6VF-C8T6M JBR73-HB7JR-7xdmv-JH8R3-GW49B jbrk9-3T868-3YGF4-TP3HD-gjypy jbrkb-wtxg9-9XR8B-ycvw6-T849B JBV4R-6kyrj-HY3P4-W4R3K-fgrcy JBV6T-JQ489-mdfqg-X49BB-HBF9B jbxm6-B8QDB-bkvpy-HGY2H-2Q9TM jbyyg-6G3B6-6xqvx-xvghc-99FCY jbyyh-KQY8Q-GQ8WF-qbfbj-2K2KB JC266-4W3XP-B99TW-B866Q-D42KB Windows XP SP1 Professional Corporate: hrxtr-fktcv-X8QCH-D7PTH-kyypb Windows XP SP1 Professional Retail: ytmfc-QPX7F-HRV4T-22MXH-myvqm Windows XP Home: vqgj8-4T8GB-83M2Y-gfbyx-T22MP, bqjg2-2MJT7-H7F6K-XW98B-4hqrq Windows XP Corporate: cggkb-P8266-M8KCF-gcwdf-yrmp4 Windows XP Professional: X3WJB-3B2BH-3MPM6-8F6GR-X9HBJ Windows XP Pro Corporate Final: fckgw-rhqq2-yxrkt-8TG6W-2B7Q8.

Visual.0 and.0, visual.0 Professional, visual.0 Professional Edition.If you are.S.Oem (2/30/97) NT server 4 NT server 4:, WIN95 fat oem trial versions: BBH2G-D2VK9-QD4M9-F63XB-43C Pro, Server, and Advanced: RM233-2prqq-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 1 Retail: XF7DK-7X2WM-2qrct-Y9R23-4bhdg Windows 2000 Pro: QM84B-rqrgg-YP6CY-jmvcv-W27GY, hvfpj-K9979-mrhjb-CJP99-86HK8 2000 Upgrade Edition (tested) mtycg-9gph3-yqgy2-j9byq-gfb3h 2000 RM233-2prqq-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB, HB9CF-jtkjf-722HV-vpbrf-9vkvm, rbdc9-vtrc8-D7972-J97JY-prvmg, mwcgp-YP6H4-JK8GC-V7TCM-8tpfb Windows 2000 Advanced.Win NT workstation win95oem 08796-oem Win98 SE T4KB4 tqxhc KPK44 vrdkt gpbw8, BH7XR-M9HGX-GF9CX-7rwyx-PW94T Win98: pf79r 2tg9k t3w3h kkxbk t7vp3, k4hvd-q9tj9-6crx9-c9g68-rq2d3, wh737-w6yvx-qtx4x-hdhxq-rth9r Windows ME B6BYC 6T7C3 4pxrw 2xkwb GYV33 Visual Basic Corel Word Perfect 2k 8N58369350 exchange 2000: krjq8 RQ822 yrmxf 6ttxc HD2VM NTP" manager.So, I would like to include a class action suit of consumers who: purchased a computer with OEM licenses, lost their key, had to reinstall their software, realflow 2012 hybrido breaking waves tutorial but were blocked by Microsoft key validation software, and either purchased an additional license at a store (hence.R7WB4-kqdhy-ytvrf-77JXC-W7898, spanish Premium, c3KDQ-bjbmm-YVP9B-DQY7V-VBG9G Spanish SR-1, version.0.3821 CD Keys for Office 2000 Professional are: H4GW2-2M9C4-R8YWX-byjft-kkfq3 Also works with Word portion of MS Works Suite 2000 (english and sweidsh) as well as Word 2000 (HP OEM and others).Works.0, works.5 (works on XP and even Vista).Word 97, if that didnt work, try this:, this key has been used successfully with: Flight Simulator 95, monster Truck Madness.Visual Studio 97, windows.0 Workstation, windows 95/98 Plus!This page was been visited times since Mar 25, 2001.Org SN: Winzip.0 6667: User Funarule Windows Vista beta 1 Name: m code: TCP8W-T8PQJ-wwrrh-QH76C-99FBW System Mechanic 6: User m Code 10944-S (Standard 87665-P (Prof) Windows Vista Beta 2 Servidor wbvg8-4jpqb-6HJ6H-XH7YY-D2GQY Cliente R4HB8-qgqk4-79X38-QH3HK-Q3PJ6.