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Make a food waste to animal feed ebook new account, (you can't do this on a current one ;c) and update pes 2013 maret 2014 you get a free outfit Colorable, and amharic keyboard for mac fabulous!
Do not press anything yet.Open up your Pc and type /t name of woozen Then your message.Go to the Wooworld App and go into your inventory.Fireball *Note: You cannot do this on the Woozworld App.Click inspect element, you should see a white window pop-up on that tab, and it will have the date highlighted: Pc Cheat *Note: This only works on computer, for app, you can just pc someone in your friends list by going to the friends list.Go back to World, free VIP Mimi Outfit, simply click here, and you are taken to the official Woozworld and Style Me Up parternship login page!Message me @QueenRosie1 in Woozworld, or comment below!Find a face that you don't want, you'll end up deleting it later, so I recommend you use a cheap one from Shopz.Moonwalk, in your chat bar, type in /moonwalk.Examlpe: /t QueenRosie1 Hey, get Rid Of The Clock *Note: The clock is when your cursor becomes a clock and won't load* (Credits to HershyKissyum!You will see yourself wearing this face, change you're hair and refresh your app to see yourself faceless!Click the rotating arrow under the picture of your woozen and rotate it into the post you want.Want to see anything specific on here?Faceless *No Longer Avalible* *Note: This is the app way, so you must download the Woozworld App to do this.
Tap the loading sign, get Rid Of Your Hot Friends Limit (Thanks myangelhalo on world open your friends list, go ot hot friends, and take off one friend Add them back and try to add more people, it should work and you should no longer.
Get Rid Of The Loading Woozin *Note: This is for the Apple App.

Type 'BA turn Your Profile Picture *Note: You need the Woozworld App for this.Change your hair, exit out and you're profile picture has been updated!Once you see you're woozen wearing the face, click the 'Yes' button.Go to WoozIn, accept a friend request.On this page, you'll be seeing various glitches and cheats you can.Press these keys on your keyboard in this order: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right.TIP: Read all the steps before you do this.Click somewhere and walk, TaDa!