wd my passport ultra review 2tb

Its also available in a 3 TB capacity.
If youre out of the return window and your drive fails, we recommend exchanging the drive under Seagates warranty.
Seagate Seven, uSB.0 portable drives.Google conducted one such study in 2007 and found a strong correlation between certain manufacturers and failure rates, but it elected not to release that information.Photo: Daniela Gorny The windows 98 setup skip scandisk extra capacity comes with a minor downside: The Portable is larger and heavier than the Slim.Software on the My Passport Ultra includes drive-monitoring programs, an app to activate the 256-bit hardware encryption, and a backup utility.The Seagate Backup Plus Slims sturdy plastic case doesnt flex or creak under pressure like many other drives.Western Digital My Passport Slim being an excellent slim and portable device with fantastic read and write speeds.If you want your drive to live on your desk and never budge, a desktop external hard drive is better than a portable one because it offers faster transfer speeds and can give you more storage for less money.To our surprise, all three drives dried out.Design and features, at first glance, the My Passport Ultra could easily be mistaken for the My Passport Edge.In our synthetic benchmarks, the Samsung T3 was more than five times faster than the Seagate Backup Plus Slim; when transferring a Blu-ray movie rip, the T3 was two-and-a-half times faster than the Slim.But its more expensive per terabyte right now, so we dont recommend it over the 4 TB model unless youre sure you need the extra space in a portable drive, rather than a faster, cheaper desktop drive.
Though there is no way to access data without the password after it's set, you can recover the password if it is forgotten using a security question.

Photo: Daniela Gorny The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim was our pick from November 2016 to late January 2017 because it was the lightest, thinnest, fastest portable hard drive wed tested, and it had a reported failure rate of just.2 percent.It should also withstand normal wear and tear from being handled often and stuffed into your bag.We tested three rugged models over the past year, but they failed to live up to their waterproof and shockproof ratings.Then we tested the drives ourselves, examining seven general-use portable hard drives and one ruggedized hard drive.Weve switched our pick back to the tried-and-true Slim, which has a low.5 percent reported failure rate among nearly 9,000 user reviews.As with other Western Digital external hard drives there are a number of programs that come included with the hard drive that you can click on to install on your.Click Start, and the computer will reformat your drive.The detective games for full version whole process was seamless.
The Ultra did even better when it came to large single files.
Bottom Line, the 2TB Western Digital My Passport Ultra adds color options, 256-bit hardware encryption, and a longer-than-average warranty to a solid portable hard drive.