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Enter data in the following format: allowitem and/or denyitem, where item is an IP address or machine name.
(Note that the broadcast uses a random UDP port.You must enter information in this field if you have not selected the Allow access to remote licenses check box, as follows: Specify data as IP addresses (for example, Broadcast addresses (for example, or machine names (for example, m).Networks LAN set the fixed Ethernet interface: Enable Ethernet activate/deactivate the adapter.If no configuration is done then this file does not exist.3.1 Factory Reset ).Configuring hasp driver on many client systems If you have many client systems to configure, you may not want to configure them all using the GUI described above.Setup Wi-Fi display the Wi-Fi networks in the surroundings, select a network for connection.Setup root access select the applications to be started with the Superuser rights.Factory reset reset the device factory values.The Guest is supported on all devices running Android.0 or later.

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Dhcp enable/disable the dhcp client.Local local date and time.Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses.Connections can be grouped into folders.This document attempts to explain how to configure the diana specific hasp driver on the license server and client systems in order to make the network license work.For example, type FF02:1 to access all remote Sentinel License Managers that are part of the default local group defined in the IPv6 subnet.
Internal storage current internal storage state.