top 10 cpu water coolers 2013

The knock-on effect of squeezing more performance from your processor is that it should last a bit longer before an game nhen khong lo upgrade is critical.
Armed with its new design it battles the opposition.
Generally, a good cooler today is a good cooler tomorrow.
The new chip is fully compatible with Sandy Bridge-E/EP's LGA2011 socket.Sandy Bridge-E rig with my friend.The heatsink features nickel plating and a copper base patch pes 2015 terbaru bagas31 with five double heatpipes that extend up into an array of aluminum fins.Read more 08:28 It's been almost three years since we tested Prolimatech's Armageddon CPU-cooler.AMD may not be getting as much enthusiast love as it used to, but the company's APU range is still where it's at for home theater-style systems, so I didn't hesitate to pick one up for a new compact media-streaming box recently.AMD's socket has been essentially static when it comes to cooling attachments for years.Back in the days of those pencil hacks, the only difference between a high-end monster and a more mundane model was clockspeed.Be Quiet has now created a second iteration of the cooler, called Shadow Rock.The Freezer i11 is a new option in the budget segment while the Freezer i32 distinguishes itself with the semi-passive cooling.

After our big round-up Corsair has released a new high-end model: the H100i GTX.As a result, it doesn't interfere with the dimm slots on this platform.And locked it largely is on most Intel chips.Unfortunately, while the chip was a relatively powerful yet affordable solution for playing 1080p content, it was surprisingly loud - we're talking enough noise that I thought something was wrong with my power supply.The ETS-T40 featured various patented technologies and left a good impression at the time.But there have also been changes that make it much harder to turn budget chips into giant-killers.In fact, sometimes it's silent.You pretty much pull them out of the box, plug 'em in and crank up the clocks.Both the NH-U12S and NH-U14S are backed by a six-year warranty, which should ensure they make it through the life of the platform they are installed.Funnily enough, though, the principles for both water and air-cooling are essentially the same.
That's more than you can say for water coolers.
Stick all that together and give it a good stir and you have a winning mix and one of the most cost effective ways to perk up your PC's performance.