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Although there were already lovable classics like the Sword of Truth and the Lord of the Rings, George.R Martin still managed to grab uninterrupted attention of the readers.
The Game of Thrones Audiobook has been roughly divided into 3 different stories, interconnected with each other.
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The overall experience was exceptional.George.R Martin is best known for Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire.Maybe the area in which Sanderson achieves his highest praise is in the manner with which he depicts the headspace our characters live.The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is the first volume in a projected ten book epic fantasy series, set on the world of Roshar where constant storms have caused the ecology to evolve into something resembling a rock pool or a coral reef.Thankfully, now I dont have to wonder what its like any longer, for ironically, the man who is finishing Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series has given me the chance to wait a decade or more for a new series to fill out.You would also be familiar with Kelsier and his favourite saying - "Every secret has a secret." The Way of Kings is no different, with seemingly random sentences scattered through the book meaning absolutely nothing unless you know the context to which they apply.I know so much more than I did before, and it has made me realize just how little I know.To conclude, A Game of Thrones Audiobook is a thrilling experience.The Appeal, with direwolves, knights and a mysterious plot, its easy to understand why A Game of Thrones is an exceptional book in the fiction genre.The series has been able to build a strong reputation among listeners.I am completing this review after my second read through of The Way of Kings, and given that Josh has already reviewed this story (please see below) I will try to keep things short and to the point.It has been translated into over 20 languages in many different parts of the world.This edition was featured in the US Library of Congress's Persian Book collection and has been included in museum collections and exhibitions.You can sit back, and enjoy Roys mesmerizing voice as he takes you through the Land of Westeros.
Animals and plants retract; cities are built in shelter.
The perfect mix of emotions, courage and mystery make.

The density of material that Sanderson communicates in these 1,000 pages is immense, the learning curve is steep, but the pay-off is deeply satisfying.George.R Martin is a genius storyteller, especially when it comes to mystery books.Each one has their own story to tell (which could probably be told in their own novel with each story slowly helping to unveil the mysteries and secrets that define the world of Roshar.A Game of Thrones Audiobook always comes across as a book with many surprises.So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader's review.The book has gilded edges, a ribbon marker and the book cover is embossed in gold.The prologue isnt there just to pamper the authors desires but really sets the scene for what is to come, so many years later.Shocked and uncertain they could care for her, her biological parents gave her up for adoption.Their bafflement leaves the reader similarly baffled, all too great effect.Ryan Lawler,.5/10, on the 15th of January, 1990, a book entitled The Eye of the World was released into stores by an author by the name of Robert Jordan.You probably noticed that both Josh and I are very vague in our description of what this book is about.
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The Way of Kings is very much a journey of discovery, and the more carefully you read it, the more you will learn.