the user account's password has expired

The wording leads me to dragon ball z episodes english subbed believe that using it is optional, but again, I see no way to turn it off in the connection manager.
I've only seen nodus hack client mac that effect when trying to authenticate shares and the like.
Is there a setting that I'm missing?I have unchecked the "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication" from the server side, so the server is NOT requiring NLA from incoming RDP sessions.It does not allow them to change their password.Question: I am making the assumption, perhaps incorrectly, that the Terminals program is just sitting on top of Windows Remote Desktop Connection protocols, and that if you can disable Network Level Authentication client side through the Terminals program, then you should also be able.If I click "About" on the client side Remote Desktop Connection Manager, it tells me that "Network Level Authentication supported".However, when using Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager, it seems to be forcing NLA.After the anniversary updates came out, we began testing this on the helpdesk machines and found that, as long as one of the machines in the RDP exhange had the anniversary update, that seemed to sort the issue out.If I am using the "Terminals" Remote Desktop Client, there is an option on the client side, to disable using "Network Level Authentication".I've seen this configuration several times in environments where smart cards logins are only partially implemented.We already have NLA disabled and that doesn't seem to be resolving the issue, so any help would be much appreciated.Since AD/Exchange is not part of the picture, the users receive no notification that their passwords are about to expire.
BTW, this particular connection manager is v10.

We had to manually go into active directory to reset their password to a current one so that they would be able to access their machine.However, we have now had a few users come back to us and say that the issue still persists.One possible reason could be that the account is configured not to allow the user to change their own password.Hi everyone, We've run into a Windows 10 issue that I thought was fixed with the Anniversary Update, but now I'm not convinced as we've had a few users saying that they still have the problem.Unfortunately, I do not see this option in the connection managers GUI, and I do not see any parameters in ".RDP" files specific to NLA.Information: I have a situation where I am forced to use a server (Windows 2012 R2) that is NOT part of a domain, and does NOT have.So, there is a password associated with the account, but the user has no knowledge hearts game for windows of (or control over in some cases) the password - which may or may not have been reset as a part of the smart card implementation.If I disable NLA through the Terminals client, and I connect to the server, it allows me to change the users expired password.I do not believe mismatched NLA would affect an RDP connection in this way.
I also have local users that connect to this server through RDP, and the local users have a password expiration policy.