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Mike Lawson, spaceStation.
So it seemed only fitting to brand his new company simply Aspen Pittman Designs.
Greg Dreslinski, spaceStation V3, thanks again for the os x snow leopard iso fabulous service, and a fabulous you might be able to tell from my email address, Im a Hammond and Leslie nut (A-100 thru a 145).
I bought it for my GR-55 guitar synth, and its absolutely spectacular to run it through for full stereo effects of the patches.Our new CPS Spacestation XL delivers what our CPS family had been asking for since the release of the SS3: More!Markay, spaceStation V3, aspen, thank you for you for insights on maximising the signal.Small, light, sounds great, best keyboard amp ever.Fractal Designs Axe II FXL and the CPS.3 with Rosh Roslin.From the first listen, musicians and audiences alike knew that the patented technology behind the CPS Spacestation.3 amp was the future for live performance.Center Point Stereo is a technology from Aspen Pittman Designs.Aspen Pittmans designs have been coveted by legendary musicians and record producers for nearly 40 years.Center Point Stereo with Aspen Pittman "A New Dimension In Live Sound".Read The Whole Announcement.Center Point Stereo changes all the rules for live performance.His best selling Tube Amp Book has sold over 140,000 copies.All the core attributes that make this product so compelling are still in evidence so much so that I now have TWO of them (long story).
Aspens audio designs have earned multiple utility patents both in the USA and around the world, and have garnered top awards in multiple fields including the prestigious TEC award for best microphone design.
The specially conditioned Front and Side Center Point Stereo speakers are positioned out of phase, and so these sound waves reflect off each other, then off walls, floors and ceilings to permeate everywhere in the room even into other rooms without losing the 3D stereo.

Ive been playing live stuff with a motion sound kbr-m for about 15 years.Center point stereo: Spacestation XL, stereo Everywhere from a single cabinetbut louder!The sound of the KBR is not exact, but its night and day compared to a Leslie sim through a mono speaker.Unlike conventional stereo speaker systems, the sweet spot is everywhere, and with Center Point Stereo there are NO sour spots.Aspens inventions, such as the Speaker Emulator, changed the way we record guitar, and his Center Point Stereo technology will forever change the way we produce live music.Tim A, spaceStation V3, aspen, originally I was doing pretty much the opposite to what you are saying and was getting disappointing levels of noise and hiss, thinking it was the SS3.This is my second review after using one for many months.James Day, spaceStation V3, magic Little Box, so maybe the first couple gigs I didnt get it, but after dialing it in and altering some presets on my keys and fx Im totally hooked.When I attempted what you suggested, I was amazed how the signal cleaned up and how loud it could get!SpaceStation V3, many months later still great!
Center Point Stereo technology is truly historic and ground breaking.
Insanely Great, i think one can always trust Aspen Pittman to come up with something cool, and this is no exception.