the icon handbook by jon hicks

Chapter 4: THE metaphor, the heart of an icon is the metaphor it uses, the functionality implied by the visual representation.
Given the toll I know authoring takes, I think its more polite to offer constructive criticism in private.Disclosure: Because I acted as technical reviewer of the CSS chapter, Ive been given a preview PDF of this book and Ill receive a complementary paperback when its released in January.No comments for "The Icon Handbook By Jon Hicks".Description, the Icon Handbook By Jon Hicks Pages isbn:, epub PDF 65MB, have you ever needed to create an icon for something and not darice 80 pc deluxe art set known where to start?There are a number of different formats of, and methods for, deploying icons, and while PNG is undeniably the most common, there are others with their own particular pros and cons that are useful if the context is right.Its not that Id shy away from saying something critical.Some of my best friends have written books I really dont like, but if I wrote a negative review, who would that really serve?I think at the heart of it, most books that cross my desk these days are written by people whos main job is not authoring.Jon Hicks, whos written a book, The Icon Handbook thats just been published by my friend.Increasingly, these books are being published by small publishers run by people who care, truly and madly about making the best books they can.This chapter starts as all projects do, with a client brief.Appendix (common icon badges, drawing AND creation tools, icon reference chart).Because serial windows xp professional sp3 2013 these books are often written, or published by friends of mine, I dont write many reviews though.Maybe its because Ive written a couple of books myself and Im not usually shy to offer an opinion, people often send me their books to review.Weve already covered some basics of drawing to crisp pixels in chapter 3 about favicons.

In this chapter, we'll round off the book by exploring in detail the most complex and independent icon form: application icons.It starts at the basics and takes you right the way through to being able to create stunning iconography.Some topics like consistency were talked about briefly but could definitely gone into deeper detail.I hope youll buy.Im only saying that because were friends.At this point in the book, weve been through the initial process of reading the brief, checking for existing conventions, and deciding on the right metaphor to use.This isnt just any book, its one that Jon has wanted to write for a long kbc hindi question game time but waited until he found a publisher who could do justice to his vision.This chapter will build further on that, introducing the concepts of balance and consistency.Chapter 5: drawing icons.Chapter 3: favicons, now well start building up our icon skills, beginning with favicons.This book was mostly about the process of making an icon and not some of the more detailed techniques that could be applied when making icons.
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