task manager shows 100 cpu usage

Is there a fix?
If one goes down in value the other immediately goes up to equal 100.KB2749655) (Version: 1 - Microsoft Corporation) Update for Windows XP (KB2808679) (hklm.Exe's ; is that normal?WGA) (Version:.7.0069.2 - Microsoft Corporation) Windows Internet Explorer 8 (8) (Version: 20090308.140743 - Microsoft Corporation) Windows Management Framework Core (hklm.Running from "C:Documents and SettingsGreggMy DocumentsDownloads".With that said, you either have a real heat issue or your temp monitor is having issues in reporting accurate temps (under certain circumstances).
Is this harmful to the CPU?

KB2598845-IE8) (Version: 1 - Microsoft Corporation) Update for Windows Internet Explorer 8 (KB2632503) (hklm.It doesn't take that long for a CPU to cool down.Description: Hanging application start, pINemHi_Leaderboard.Always at 100 no matter what.Cpu(s.2 corel draw 12 shortcut keys pdf us,.8 sy These two figures always add up to 100 no matter what.It kuroko no basket season 2 episode 49 did automatically what I was going to do manually.Maybe Louis will find something in what I submitted.The simple function of opening/closing task manager will not greatly increase or reduce your CPU temps; period.Good luck with your decision on how to procedd from here.
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Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (X86).