t-shirt printing machine in india

Theyre sitting in peoples garages collecting dust and you can often find a bargain if youre willing to buy used.
Even if you've never used this type of equipment before, you'll find that the 770 series t-shirt printing machines are almost effortless to use.Then it nero 6 serial number is just a matter of asking for their business.With Printa as Your "Partner" You Can't Go Wrong.The deluxe and deluxe plus models come with athletic numbering capabilities and flash cure stands.With the 770 Series Screen Printing System you dont need a dark room and all our inks and supplies are environmentally friendly.All of our 770 series screen printing machines come with four-color printing capabilities or, for more graphic capability, are available in a six color configuration.But let's break down what you might earn on a typical t-shirt printing job, and you can extrapolate from there.From zero to over 10906 installations in a span of just 25 years, the Coimbatore based autoprint has emerged as a market leader in the offset printing and allied machinery manufacturing industry.
You get a great return on investment.
You can start your own business for as little as 254 per month.

With our lease-to-own programs, we can approve start-up businesses and even have special programs for less-than-perfect credit.Ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and your creativity in your own t-shirt printing endeavor?Because our systems are so compact and efficient you can operate your new business from home or add to your existing business without taking up a lot of space.Who do you know in your community?These machines have all the built-in features you need to produce high-caliber printing in a compact space or home-based environment with professional results.Take a look: Schools, sports Teams, churches, non-Profit Organizations, banks.If you haven't added t-shirt printing to your business yet, you're missing out on a potentially large source of profits.The screen printed t-shirt opportunity can mean a full time income for you or a perfect business for the retired or semi-retired person seeking to add to their income stream.Thinking of Starting Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business?An average t-shirt order of 100 basic white t- shirts with a 3 color logo on it will typically sell for around 6 each at a 50 gross profit margin.
Built-in drying cabinets and onboard curing units come standard.
As such, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools are in almost constant need of t-shirt printing services.