sublime text 2 linux key bindings

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Installation is easy, simply open ST2 and press command (on windows ctrl) and it will open up the ST2 console.The reason that classic text editors like Vim and Emacs continue to have such followings is in part, because of how customizable those editors are.Below youll find the list of valid names: up down right left insert home end pageup pagedown backspace delete tab enter pause escape space keypad0 keypad1 keypad2 keypad3 keypad4 keypad5 keypad6 keypad7 keypad8 keypad9 keypad_period keypad_divide keypad_multiply keypad_minus keypad_plus keypad_enter clear f1 f2.Operand, value against which the result of key is tested.Structure of a Key Binding, key maps are arrays of key bindings.Settings, preferences Package Settings Zen Tabs Settings * open_tab_limit : Controls the maximum allowed number of tabs.CodeIntel provides a better code completion by parsing all the files in your project and creating a nice index of autocomplete options.Sublime Text 2 is already link top eleven hack showing a lot of promise.Returns true if theres a previous snippet field available.Sublime Text 2 has the making of a great text editor for customization nerds.
If you have nothing but tabs with unsaved work, it will just ignore the limit and create a new tab anyway.
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TextMate user, I immediately took to the program like an old friend.To install a package, type shiftcommandp and start typing package install and hit enter when it is highlighted.A sidebar for projects or windows xp home edition sp2 installation disk files can be turned on or off and files can also be accessed through Chrome-style tabs.File Format, key bindings are stored.sublime-keymap files and defined in json.Structure of a Context below.Clone source code to Sublime Text packages folder.More Dev Design Resources from Mashable.The first public alpha of Sublime Text 2 is now available for download.
Sublime Text 2 also features instant project switching.
Default (Linux).sublime-keymap, separate key maps exist to abide by different vendor-specific.