su podium plugin sketchup

Using SketchUp and Podium for oil painting studies, as opposed to architectural design concepts and presentations, may not be the most common use of these tools, but for Nomer, they worked quite well.
Some textures were applied to Podiums bump maps.
The, sU Podium V2 has advance rendering technology producing even higher resolution images with realistic reflection and light quickly without having advance knowledge of rendering technique for anyone.
There are few versions which have been releasing since SU Podium is launched and now it has come out with its latest SU Podium Version.11 for both Windows and Mac.Other than it is fairly simple to use and SU Podium has great video tutorials on their site.The second image shows the rendering that was created by Podium.Kerkythea that allows you to render for free!High quality raytracing engine, advanced Global illumination, physical sky with depth and turbidity.Is official maker of series.Podiums soft shadows are used in this rendering.I give this plugin 5 out 5 stars.The main source of light is Podiums sunlight which is controlled by SketchUps shadow settings.The first image shows a model used prior to rendering in SU Podium.SU Podium and also other photo realistic renderer plugins like SU Animate, PodiumWalker Beta, EditInPlace etc.
A background image is imported into the SketchUp model for the view from the door.
His work shows that 3D design and photo-realistic rendering have numerous, creative applications.

The rendering program works very well and is very simple to use.Overall, the SU Podium plugin is a great renderer and is worth the buy/download.SU Podium is actually a true plugin and does not require another program to be running in order neural networks fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms pdf to render.Many of the textures were created by Nomer using a digital camera and shooting typical building scenes from Hanoi.Google Sketchup free and Pro as well.Posted by: Joe S, March 8, 2010, the SU Podium plugin is an amazing rendering solution.
He found using, google SketchUp and, sU Podium, a photo-realistic rendering plug-in, to be good visualization tools for studying viewpoints, texture, and lighting before painting.