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11 once 21 veinti uno 12 doce 22 veinti dós 13 trece 23 veinti trés 14 catorce 24 veinti cuatro 15 quince 25 veinti cinco 16 dieci séis 26 veinti séis 17 dieci siete 27 veinti siete 18 dieci ocho 28 veinti ocho 19 dieci.
"A challenging word game to help you improve your Spanish." - A quick and fun vocab lesson.
This sort of thing drives me up the wall (make.Favorites - Keep track of Spanish words you are learning with the Favorites feature.The more translations you correctly choose, the more difficult the words become.Very in-depth tom clancy's rainbow six lockdown pc mods article about La Numeración (PDF, 172 KB by the Spanish linguist and writer José Martínez de Sousa.Mac users interested in Free translator without internet app for mac generally download: Free translator without internet app for mac search results.10os mil tasogare otome x amnesia sub indo episode 12 10 000 diez mil 100 000 cien mil 222 000 doscientos veintidós mil 999 common law season 1 episode 11 000 novecientos noventa y nueve mil If the number is not an exact multiple of 1000, then simply add the rest at the end, just as in English: 1 225 mil doscientos veinticinco.Marta tenía entonces veintiún años (21 Javier treinta y uno (31).Marta was then twenty-one years old, Javier was thirty-one.Each entry includes a text translation and an audio pronunciation (available offline) in Spanish.If you have a newer Palm device, like the Pre or the Pixi, youll want our webOS verison.

Lets shake on it!Hardly a soul attended the funeral.When writing dates in Spanish, days of the month and years are typically written with numbers ( 16 de febrero de 2016 ).M, why You Need to Download a Spanish Dictionary App, Now.Word of the Day - Learn a new Spanish word each day!That is, it is also correct (and frequent) to say veintiún mil libras or treinta y un mil libras.
Youre the number one!