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Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, Head First Design Patterns, O'Reilly, 2004 Lecture 18 (11/5/2006, Makeup for Nov 8th lecture) Design Patterns2 notes 2-up for printing Creational Patterns: Abstract factory, Singleton, Behavioral Patterns: Observer Slides covered: Patterns2 #1-23 References:.
Pdf Nov 17 11:59pm Formal Technical Review Prep Nov 18 Analysis: Fluid 35-fluid.The prospect of Web as a platform will continue to grow and it is worth being treated specifically.Pdf Oct 19 Software Architecture 22-architecture.Details (and hints on how to budget your time) are given on a separate page.Pdf Sep 30 Just Enough UML sepa 8 14-UML.Usability and the Web, ieee Internet Computing, MarchApril 2002).3, web engineering is multi-disciplinary; no single discipline (such as software engineering) can provide complete theory basis, body of knowledge and practices to guide WIS development.Pdf Nov 14 Code Reviews sepa.3 33-code-reviews.Choice: communication vs sequence diagrams, when to use?Later in ieee Transactions on Software Engineering, March 1979,.Web-based information systems and applications are pervasive and non-trivial.Pdf Sep 19 Prototyping and Requirements sepa pages proto.Historical perspective, problems with software, software myths.
Engineering Internet Software, ieee Software, MarchApril 2002.

Java Iteration 2 (Oct 10-30) report Nov 2 Model Checking and Formal Modeling 28-model-checking.Testing OO programs for coverage of polymorphism More on Design Patterns (see lecture 18 for slides) Behavioral Patterns: Observer, Iterator, State, Visitor Creational Patterns: Abstract factory, Singleton, Slides covered: Testing2 #35-43; Design2 #1-10, 24-35 References:.The project will culminate with delivery of the software, including associated dlf ipl cricket games 2013 documentation, an in-class presentation, and a post-mortem reflection on the project.More on use cases, an ATM example Slides covered: Reqs #23-28 References: LAR Chs 6-7 Lecture 8 (9/27/2006 Requirements Analysis-2 notes 2-up for printing System sequence diagrams, relations to use cases, supplementary specification Domain Models notes 2-up for printing What are domain models, conceptual classes.Some sample processes: waterfall, prototype, spiral, iterative and incremental Slides covered : SW Process #4-36 References: LAR Chs 4-6; Lecture 6 (9/20/2006 SW Process, cont.Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, Head First Design Patterns, O'Reilly, 2004 Lecture 22 (11/15/2006) discuss feedback from Overall Design Documents in teams, Testing3 notes 2-up for printing state-based testing, difficulties posed by inheritance, testing interacting classes, regression testing Slides covered: Testing3 #1-13 References: Lecture 23 (11/27/2006).2001 (Part 1) and AprilJune 2001 (Part 2).
Teams will meet regularly with clients to get feedback on prototype systems and refine the requirements for the system. .
1 2, while Web development can benefit from established practices from other related disciplines, it has certain distinguishing characteristics that demand special considerations.