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OCR Digitizes TextOptional Plugin, transform a scanned, image-based PDF document into editable text - while retaining the document's format and layout.
Re-size and remove images and anything else you can do with a standard file.Edit, insert, and delete text, change text formatting.Top-of-the-line OCR technology turns scanned documents into fully editable documents, allowing you to: Edit, insert, and delete text, change text formatting.Multi-language Support 17 Popular Languages Supported: English, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Slovak, Croatian, Czech, fresh top 40 20 aprilie 2013 Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Catalan, Romanian.Multi-language support, the OCR can read most major languages including: English, Korean, Italian, French, Ger-man, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian, and more.Top-of-the-line OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) turns it into a fully editable document, allowing you to: Search the text.Re-size and remove images, edit the file in any other way that you can edit any standard file.OCR digitizes textOptional Plugin, use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to transform a scanned PDF document into editable text and images while retaining the documents original format and layout.Simplify Your Work Now!
!PS-Adobe-2.0 Creator: dvips(k).86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software Title: p005.dvi Pages: 3 0 PageOrder: Ascend BoundingBox: DocumentFonts: CharterBT-Bold CharterBT-Roman Courier Courier-Bold CharterBT-Italic DocumentPaperSizes: a4 EndComments BeginProcSet: PStoPS 1 15 userdict begin wherepop dup load type/operatortype eq1 array cvx dup 0 3 index cvx put.

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