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Exhausted from the glue-making, Su rests outside, and happens to see Astronomer Choi walking.
Ha-jin asks Lady Hae for clarification, who identifies herself as Sus cousin.
Moon Lovers premiered in last place, even if its number (7.4) wasnt terrible and has room to grow.
She meets with Wang Shik-ryeom and seems surprised that Crown Prince Mu escaped unscathed; Mu was born to the second queen, so I presume that Queen Sinmyeongsunseong was angling for her own sons to advance.Ha-jin realizes, Have I come into someone elses ms office 2010 service pack body?Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, which had a modest premiere week last week, doubled its ratings today to claim top spot with.Chae-ryung immediately bows and prods Su to follow, because this is Princess yeonhwa ( Kang Han-na ).Suspicious Yo asks if that talk about Crown Prince Mus star was even real, and ninth prince Won points out that its well-known that Astronomer Choi is loyal.He asks what she wants to do with herself now, intending to facilitate those wishes; hed planned to look after her from the outset, when she first accompanied his wife here.Shes flustered by the closeness, while hes as calm as ever, telling her that it doesnt matter.Moon Lovers from here on out.Eun calls for his fellow princes just as a slave girl catches Ha-jins attention from the nearby shrubbery, urging her to get out right away.So thinks back to his childhood, when hed been a young boy and his parentsTaejo and Queen Sinmyeongsunseonghad just lost their firstborn.(In fact, I wonder if thats one upside to casting name actors for most of the roles, because there are fewer new faces to learn and keep track.) So that turned out to be much less of a concern than it had been.Before she can do damage, Taejo grabs her armbut then she wrenches her arm out of his grasp, and the blade slashes Sos young face, spraying blood.Hes taken aback when she says shell take care of herself, and some of her word choices are even more puzzling, since shes thrown in modernisms without thinking.If we left the portal open, wed have puka shells, bucket hats, and boy bands as far as the eye could see.Mike wrote: We wish we could have brought more sauce through, but we couldnt risk keeping a portal like that open.Su nervously clarifies that she means shell stick it out and livehere.
Princess Yeonhwa points it out, of course, and dismisses Su from the task.

People keep calling me dog-wolf, dog-wolf.Im willing to see where they take.Along with the sauce was a note from one of McDonalds chefs named Mike (there are a couple of them ) explaining the lengths they had to go to in order to procure the sauce.Catching on, the younger princes kneel too as they all plead in one voice for the king to reconsider.Taejo reaffirms this, and declares that Crown Prince Mu will take the leading position in the upcoming rites.In order of appearance: Tenth prince EUN ( Baekhyun ) is mischievous and joking, and seems to always be paired with fourteenth prince jung ( Ji-Soo ).Wook notes, You seem like someone else.Thirteenth prince Baek-ah quickly follows suit, and then third prince Yo joins them.And while I enjoyed the princes and all their distinct personalities, I found myself itching for more Lee Jun-ki, who remains a cipher as of this point in the story.She decides to consider this a stroke of fortune and a new chance at life, which means she ought to stick it out.Save the Last Dance and 2009s, cinderella Man.
Note: The court terminology used in Goryeo times was reflective of an empire (as opposed to a kingdom, which Joseon terminology reflects).
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