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This book describes a philosophy which provides just such a frame-work.
Failure Modes As mentioned in the previous paragraph, once each functional failure has been identified, the next step is to try to identify all the events which are reasonably likely to cause each failed state.Scheduled restoration and scheduled discard tasks Scheduled restoration entails remanufacturing a component or overhauling an assembly at or before a specified age limit, regardless of its condition at the time.Identify failure modes that can affect the system function.Finally, the cost of maintenance itself is still rising, in absolute terms and as a proportion of total expenditure.Do not fall into the trap of believing it is something completely new and different, or that it is a complete program for reliability fonts for windows xp english and maintenance.In manufacturing, the effects of downtime are being aggravated by the worldwide move towards just-in-time systems, where reduced stocks of work-in-progress mean that quite small breakdowns are now much more likely to stop a whole plant.But when the failure consequences are significant, something must be done to prevent or predict the failures, or at least to reduce the consequences.I suggest that before you enter into RCM you do the following: Do your maintenance prevention well; Do your basic inspections well; Do your predictive maintenance well.If a task cannot be found which reduces the risk of the failure to an acceptably low level, the item must be redesigned or the process must be changed.Your answer is the most important failure modes that should be prioritized for further analysis.What are the consequences of each failure: o Hidden failures consequences o Operational consequences o SHE consequences o NON Op consequences - In what ways does each failure matter?Prioritize the failure modes, select applicable and effective tasks to control the failure modes 7 questions that need to be asked for RCM.(On-condition maintenance includes predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance and condition monitoring.) Used appropriately, on-condition tasks are a very good way of managing failures, but they can also be an expensive waste of time.In particular, it is apparent that there is less and less connection between the operating age of most assets and how likely they are to fail.
Definition, reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a corporate-level maintenance strategy that is implemented to optimize the maintenance program of a company or facility.

At this step, the most appropriate maintenance tactic for each failure mode is determined.On the other hand, if it has little or no effect, then we may decide to do no routine maintenance beyond basic cleaning and lubrication.All too often, these requirements are taken for granted.Importantly, the failure modes that are retained include only those that have a real probability of occurring under realistic operating conditions.The primary objective is to preserve system function.The graphs show conditional probability of failure against operating age for a variety of electrical and mechanical items.Most traditional lists of failure modes incorporate failures caused by deterioration or normal wear and tear.Figure.2 shows how the earliest view of failure was simply that as things got older, they were more likely to fail.In the world of RCM, failed states are known as functional failures because they occur when an asset is unable to fulfill a function to a standard of performance which is acceptable to the user.In addition to the total inability to function, this definition encompasses partial failures, where the asset still functions but at an unacceptable level of performance (including situations where the asset cannot sustain acceptable levels of quality or accuracy).
These criteria are discussed in more detail in Chapters 6 and 7 of the book.
Failure modes that were not identified as being critical in Step 6 may, at this stage, be identified as good candidates for a run-to-failure maintenance schedule.