pou games for pc

Simple, small, and adorable, the first impression you get when you play Pou will probably be underwhelming, due to its basic colors and simple animations.
While a lot of these have pretty typical functions, such as curing Pou of illness, others bring about more amusing effects on the little guy.
In the mini games within Pou the controls are just as simple: sliding rows of colored Pous, jumping platforms, or collecting falling wpa wireless password cracker food just requires you to slide your finger in one direction or another.
Like raising any other pet, itll be a lot of hard work.Pou magic dvd creator key code can repeat anything you say in a funny voice, just like you can do with apps like.Well, here is where you can clean Pou and make him better.It's not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but the visuals don't exactly showcase a whole lot of inspiration or personality.When you run your finger over the screen, Pou will follow it with his eyes.The minigames aren't original, but they're numerous and fun.All that remains to be seen is just what Pou the character can do for you.It's fair to say that graphics aren't its strong point.

Pou looks like your basic Flash game with all that entails: two-dimensional graphics and bright colors.There's not a whole lot to say about a formless blob with a face and a squeaky voice.In the kitchen, Pou gets his food; in the bedroom he sleeps; and the games room he plays, obviously.The first thing you'll notice about the Pou app is that it's not much to look.A modern day Tamagotchi, pou starts his life as a small blob.Pou himself may very well be a divisive figure.The creature doesn't move and his eyes follow your finger around the screen.Fortunately, despite those hopefully unintentional innuendos, Pou has little to do with actual toilet humor.Some items half-life 2 episode 1 steam cost more than others.To solve this problem you'll need to start visiting the rooms of the house.Play Tic Tac Pou and get three in a row.
Your pet blob sadly has limited bundles of energy at his disposal.