oracle 11g database utilities

During an export, specify a remap function that takes as a source the original value of the designated column and returns a remapped value that will replace the original value in the dump file.
The default size of the first extent of any new segment for a partitioned table is now 8 MB instead of.
This section lists the major new features that have been added for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1).Oracle LogMiner now supports xmltype data stored as binary XML.Or perhaps the dump file set will be imported onsite using the Oracle Encryption Wallet but it may also need to be imported offsite where the Oracle Encryption Wallet is not available.Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Enterprise Edition.The restriction that only one object (table or partition) could be specified if a wildcard character, was used as part of the object name has been removed.Zip (615,698,264 bytes) (md5sum - contains the Oracle Client Libraries.This section lists the major new and changed features in Oracle Database 11g release.Chapter 4, "Data Pump Legacy Mode" for more information.

Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (emca) The Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (emca) is now documented in this coda text editor for windows 7 book.See the Import remap_table parameter.For example, if someone manually stops a process, the worker is automatically restarted one time, on the same instance.Use this utility with the Import utility to back up your data and to move data between Oracle databases.Automatic restart of workers on the same instance.Oracle Database 11 g, release 2 (.0) for Microsoft Windows (x64) (1,213,501,989 bytes) (md5sum - (1,007,988,954 bytes) (md5sum - directions.See the Export encryption_mode parameter.