olympus camedia c-4000 zoom digital camera manual

The Function menu option lets you capture images in Black White or Sepia modes, or use the White and internet manager serial number 6.23 build 11 Black Board settings for bbc iplayer windows 8 app capturing text on white or black backgrounds respectively.
Spot metering reads the exposure from the very center of the image, so you can pinpoint the specific area of the subject you want properly exposed and lock in on that exposure by depressing the Shutter button halfway and holding it down while you recompose.More bothersome was the fact that it persists fairly far into the central portion of the frame, as there were a couple of pixels of color around the numbers marking the high-frequency resolution wedges, fairly close to the target's center.(In the P and A / S / M modes, two of the Shortcut buttons are user programmable, a nice feature.It doesn't cost a penny until you need it, and even then it's only 29, with a money back guarantee.A "virtual dial" lets you quickly scroll through Scene Program modes or A/S/M (aperture/shutter/manual/my camera) options, using the left and right arrow keys to move the on-screen dial.The frame rate varies between.5 and.8 frames/second, and the number of images you can record without pausing ranges from 3 at 2288x1712 and high image quality to 200 at 640x480 and normal quality.It also cannot be used with the uncompressed tiff mode.These shortcuts are displayed on the screen as three or four buttons, each selected using the arrow key that corresponds to its position on the screen.(This distortion is visible as a very slight colored fringe around the objects at the edges of the field of view on the resolution target.) That amount of chromatic aberration is a but high, but not unusual.A flashing orange LED means that the flash is still charging or there is a potential of camera shake, while a solid orange LED shows that the flash is fully charged and ready to fire.With the contrast adjustment set all the way down to -5 units, even the very harshly lit Outdoor Portrait test showed good detail in the highlights of Marti's shirt.If the green LED blinks, the camera is either having trouble focusing, or there's a problem with the SmartMedia card.
Conclusion With the C-4000 Zoom, Olympus has set another benchmark for image quality, camera performance, and features, at an impressively low price.
Compression 1:1 4:1 12:1 2048x1536 Images (Avg size) 1.3MB.8MB Approx.

Date and Time : Sets the camera's internal calendar and clock.(This is almost certainly due to the much greater depth of field obtained with the lens set to wide angle.) I really like the C-4000's use of a bargraph focusing distance display, combined with numbers indicating specific distances.(This is the first time I've seen this particular function on a digicam, so kudos to Olympus for thinking.The table below shows all the available size/quality options, the number of each that can be stored on the included 16MB memory card, and the amount of image compression employed for each.I say "initial or final because the Slow 1 menu option fires the flash at the beginning of the exposure (producing a blur in front of the subject while Slow 2 fires the flash at the end of the exposure (producing a blur behind the.Index files for HQ-mode movies are saved as 1024x768 images, while those for SQ-mode movies are saved at a resolution of 640x480.The Slow Sync flash mode uses a slower shutter speed with the flash, to allow more of the ambient lighting into the photo, and includes the option to fire the flash at either the beginning or end of the exposure, as well as add.