ogame hack version 1.5

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This is pretty self explanatory, you pokemon card game 2 must have PT to defend against Deathstars. .Lots of filemaker pro 12 cd key fodder) the rips will really go to town and can fire up to 160 times a piece in a single round, shredding everything to bits.Positive Feedback, shipwreck, the Community, submarines, cruises.Plasma Turrets warcraft frozen throne client are there to be your anti-Deathstar defense. .A good defense needs to take pure statistics into consideration.IE is used on Windows, Mozilla on Linux.Use 1 Deathstar as a defense with the above defense.Features - Manage simultanously accounts on different servers:.de.pl.fr.it.org.ru.pt.ba.nl.gr.tw.Late-game Value for Resources Edit This strategy may be most effective against any kind of fleet, costing as little as possible.Rocket Launchers, you should have: The Total Cost of this method is: Some critics of this setup would may point out that there are too many big guns ( Gauss Cannons Plasma Turrets ) in this type of defense; however, in order to deter attack.In addition, they only have Rapid Fire from Deathstars. .Lastly, the PTs are there to kill any Cruiser / Battleship / Battlecruiser / Bomber in a single hit.LL are more effective fodder than RL, but because of Rapid Fire from Destroyers, cannot be the only fodder. .
Build 1 Plasma Turret for every 20 Light Lasers.

When you have 200 Light Lasers.I use Light Lasers as fodder for Cruiser based fleets, as they don't have Rapid Fire against the lasers.The Heavy Lasers included in this strategy are included to clear a path through the Light Fighters that players like to use as fodder in their raiding fleets, and the Ion Cannons are there for their strong shields.If you don't have time for your account very often, you should build defense that would cause slightly more damage than the value of any resources that can be plundered in your absence.Notice, though, that this setup isn't worth at all against RIPs.Fleet Saver - Free SMS notification, if attacked/spied - Battle Simulator with Fleet Sender and Fleet Scheduler (You don't need SpeedSim anymore) - Farm active/inactive players with/without defenses - Automated Planet Development, Construction Queue can be defined by you or a Construction Simulator.