ocr case processing manual

This is when a technology called Zonal OCR comes into play.
All the user has to do is to draw a square around the area where the data field is located.
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This process needs to be done only once and the locations (zones) of the data fields are then saved in a template.The vendors who make these systems have every intention of making it very hard to migrate from.This article will show you how Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) works and how you can use it to batch process PDF files.Remove borders, split pages, unique color and bitonal image recognition for scanned documents and pictures can detect text regardless of foreground/background colors.Multiple voting techniques for enhanced accuracy.If your document collection contains a mixture of languages and you are unsure what needs to be translated, we can manually review all pages to identify, segregate, and translate each individual page.
Automatic document preprocessing, deskew of scanned document, detect and correct the orientation of the document (flipped or reversed) with multi or single-page modes.

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German, french, italian, dutch, swedish, russian, japanese.Our daily capacity is roughly 50,000-100,000 pages, depending on the quality of the OCR and extracted text of the input files.90, 270 or 0).Repeating data fields (e.g.Foreign Language Identification services. .How does Zonal OCR software work?This is one of the best real examples of why the technology is so useful.The advantage of such systems is that the setup is very easy.
For languages that are supported by our OCR software but not on the list of common languages handled by our translation tool, Semi-Manual Translation services are available.
If your data exists in PDF or TIF formats or MS Word documents, we run foreign language OCR on your documents to generate the required Unicode text for translation.