oci.dll windows 7 64 bit

So can't rely on those tools being there.
Installation crashes on the, prerequisite checks step, in this case you probably will not find any installation log files.
If you are running 8i/9i, then there's a good chance you are on an old OS as well and don't have PowerShell and Heaven help you.
Thank you so much for help.If you are relying on the kbc hindi question game path and running a utility like sqlplus or tnsping you'll have one of two unacceptable results: either your path successfully resolves the executable and you get ONE version result or, the path didn't resolve the executable, and you get.This obviously requires PowerShell, which is standard in Windows 7 and Server 2008.Windows 7 64bit, i am trying to make connection to one of my schema in oracle but I get this error: cs:dbdriver failed to load: c:Program Files (x86)Business Objects Enterprise (1 is not a valid Win32 application.Make sure you downloaded and use the proper version of Oracle transfer apps from pc to mac itunes client 11gR2 64-bit and Windows 64-bit version.Read also my other article for some more tips on that: Oracle 11gR2 client installation on Windows 7 troubleshooting.I solved the issue by downloading Oracle Instant Client 11 (this is just a bunch of DLL than can be xcopied) from Oracle website, and copying the files in my application files directory.Sofianaaz, forum Member, joined:, posts: 2 Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:22 pm Post subject: Re: dbd_oci.Ensure you properly followed steps: 1,2 and.Im looking for more of them in the comments below.Then, we will analyze the reaso.Supposing you're already in a PowerShell: gci C D: -recurse -filter 'oraclient*.dll' -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue.VersionInfo ft -Property FileVersion, FileName -AutoSize.Yes, sometimes login on as a network domain user with admin rights is NOT enough for Oracle client 64-bit installation.Installation of Oracle 11gR2 64-bit client on Windows 7 is even trickier compared to Oracle 32-bit client installation.
I would like to add a resolution that worked for.

After successful Oracle software installation, some database tools might not be able to recognize properly the Oracle client installation.In this case try manually set oracle_home as Windows user variable and TNS_admin as Windows system variable.Example Outputs, here's some outputs from some of my systems.Mak 1, forum Aficionado, joined:, posts: 13958.Issue #2: Instant Client doesn't have tnsping, and sometimes doesn't include SQL*Plus.I have also added it as attachment.So let's traverse the hard disk to find them and extract their version info.You can see that some of them are 32-bit and others are 64-bit: FileVersion FileName.0 Production.0 Production.0 Production another system, this one has 10g client on the D: FileVersion FileName.0 Production caveats/Issues.You media converter philips gogear vibe can create a short cut to a command prompt and run it as administrator : setup.Try starting OUI from cmd utility that was Run as administrator.
The reason might be in extra network security policies that can applied in enterprises.