new convertible top volvo c70

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The inflatable curtain interacts with the seat belt pretensioners to help provide maximum protection for the front seat occupants in a side impact or a rollover accident. .
This convertible top fabric is the most durable of all convertible top fabrics.
The chassis design, with its broad track and long wheelbase, also has a positive effect on driving stability.Body structure developed further with reinforced sides to effectively channel the forces backwards in a frontal impact.Security with a steel roof and Private Locking The all new Volvo C70 has been developed to make it one of the very safest convertibles on the market, both when it comes to preventive safety and protective safety. .In addition to the inflatable curtain, the passengers in the front seat have side impact airbags, the size of which is adapted to cover both the chest and hip areas.Find A Quality Convertible Top for Your Volvo C70.The Volvo C70 Convertible may have been introduced to lure convertible shoppers away from Saab.The engines also contribute to protective safety in the all new Volvo C70 thanks to a compact construction method and an efficient packing technique in the engine compartment.With defroster glass window.When the first C70 was launched back in 1996, the aim even then was for it to be one of the very safest convertibles on the market.The aim is that it should help keep the passenger compartment intact by channelling the forces backwards in the body structure.The outer zones account for most of the deformation.As the all new Volvo C70 has a rear window made of real glass the bars are pushed up through the screen if the roof.

They have been made stronger and are activated with the aid of a pyrotechnic charge, which means that they come into effect much more quickly than previously.What distinguishes the convertible from a sedan model is that the collision forces cannot be channelled upwards in the body structure.Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.The ABS brakes are extremely effective with electronic braking force distribution to the rear wheels and automatic emergency brake assistance EBA.Four different types of steel are used.As there are no roof members to which the curtain can be attached it is mounted in the door, says Ingrid Skogsmo.Idis continuously monitors certain functions in the car, such as wheel movement, accelerator pedal movement, indicators and braking.Compact engines and effective packing technique.
A hydro-formed profile can be designed in one piece with varying animal farm study guide pdf shape and thickness.
Hydro-formed A-pillars in Extra High Strength Steel.