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What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7603?
Support for ntlm v2 based authentication for pass through authentication (single sign on).
Nearly half (45) of MSPs believe adapting to their customers evolving needs (i.e.Mspsdp-1273:Time spent and Time elapsed are shown wrongly in reports.About one-in-five (22) respondents said they sometimes buy more licenses up front in order to get a good deal and then dont utilize them. .Training and Retraining, the picnik photo editor for pc majority (55) of MSPs spend less than 1,000 a year (re)training staff on internal systems. .Enhancements Made, mspsdp-2010: html editor for request notes.MSP Was Pump Locked Out?!Mspsdp-1751:CPU Usage shoots up to 100 when an email's attachment has broken html.Mspsdp-2590: With "All Accounts" set in the account combo box, viewing an asset from request details page sets the asset's account while returning to the request list view.Mspsdp-2071:Requests sent from MS Outlook are logged with no description when imap is used as the incoming mail server.Byod, cloud services, etc.) will be the biggest challenge their business will face in the next two to three years.Navigation buttons in the details page for request, problem and change are disabled by default.Mspsdp-2497: In the new request page, when we search for requesters, if we click a header-column to sort, requesters across accounts are displayed.This means they can be added to Groups, SLAs, Business Rules created under 'Default Settings' Notification Templates - Email signature can be placed as part of the template at a position of your choice Issues fixed If a custom 'Status' is created, 'New Request' page.Mspsdp-2719: While creating an account through API, monster truck nitro 2 games exception occurs when emaildomains are not specified.So what will be the challenges of the future?

Mspsdp-2621: Technicians are not shown in the list view pages when all the sites are in refer default settings.Challenges Facing MSPs Now and in the Future.Mspsdp-1089 mspsdp-1090: Home summary page shows incorrect count for approved changes and open problems What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7512?GFI MAX revealed today the results of a recent survey, which explored the agility, utilization and profitability of software solutions used by managed services providers (MSPs as well as the business challenges facing the MSP community.Enhancements made, mspsdp-2022 mspsdp-features37: Account based notification rules for requests mspsdp-2052: Choose default site for an account Common site should not be created mspsdp-2503: Ability to customize mail sender name Behavioral Changes mspsdp-2507: Support e-mail address for accounts is made not mandatory mspsdp-2509: Only.Of those who prefer not to turn away business, many MSPs end up incurring additional costs in order to provide customized service and support. .Mspsdp-features41: API for ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Issues fixed mspsdp-1104: Unable to approve a change through e-mail form.When smtp authentication is enabled, if you wish to disable it, you need to disable it from the settings and restart the product for it to take effect Internationalization for default 'Status' and 'Asset Type' Features in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP.5 ServiceDesk Plus.
WMI Logon Scripts to push the Hardware and software inventory into ServiceDeskPlus - MSP Server.