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The new game is a horror-themed action-adventure that follows Joel and the younger Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America teeming with zombie-like infected humans and small groups of healthy survivors.
SimCity Watch trailer(s) Electronic Arts March 5 exclusively for PC It has been a decade since the last real release in the massively successful city simulation series (yes, we are intentionally ignoring SimCity Societies, which regular SC developer Maxis had no part of which makes.Developer Quantic Dream's follow-up, Beyond: Two Souls, looks like it could address some of those concerns while serving as one of the PS3's most technically sophisticated games to date.The "Amnesia" in the title (rather than the porcine portion) reveals that.(It's also less violent than Rockstar's series.) The open-world game prompted a positive response when an early version was unveiled to the press last fall, with praise going to the world's vast size and the game's plentiful personality and humor.Though the game earned plenty of critical acclaim, some gamers found the lack of user-controlled action disappointing.Note that despite early rumors of a Wii U version, the game will definitely not be ported to Nintendo's new console.But even if it's just more of the same, it'll likely wind up as one of 2013's best games.And even in a time when.Rayman Legends Watch trailer(s) Ubisoft February 26 exclusively for Wii U Another key Wii U exclusive, this cartoony, fast-paced platformer is the sequel to 2011's Rayman Origins 92, one of the original Wii's best-reviewed titles.The good news is that a new year is almost here, and with it, a whole new lineup of releases that are beginning to make 2013 look brighter than your screen after accidentally throwing a flashbang against a wall.Company of Heroes 2 Watch trailer(s) THQ tbd early 2013 exclusively for PC The wwii-set Company of Heroes earned an impressive 93 upon its release in 2006, which makes this sequel eagerly awaited by real-time strategy fans.The first-person shooter takes place between the second and third films, with locations including the second movie's planet LV-426.The Last Guardian Watch trailer(s) Sony for PS3 Team Ico, the developers behind the now-classic Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, have been promising a follow-up for ages.Easily the most anticipated game of the first quarter of 2013, the third title in the BioShock series follows after two of the most acclaimed and imaginative games on current-generation platforms: BioShock (96 on the 360) and, bioShock 2 (88).Battlefield 4 Electronic Arts platforms tbd A beta release is expected this fall for EA's latest Battlefield game, which will be set in the present day and again developed by dice.An old-school point-and-click adventure game, a genre that has fallen out of favor in recent years with the rise of shooters.
The real-time strategy title allows you hidden object games for pc no time limit to directly control four Pikmin leaders and up to 100 creatures under their command, with several new types including Pink Pikmin (who fly) and Rock Pikmin (who like to smash things).

If you missed it be sure to checkout mmohuts Top games of 2012 here.Crysis 3 Watch trailer(s) Electronic Arts February 19 for 360 / PS3 / PC Crytek's sandbox-style FPS series returns with a third chapter that advances the action forward in time by over two decades, to the year 2047, when New York City has been covered.The roster of characters is expected to include Batman, Bane, Catwoman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, Deathstroke, and Flash, while locations range from the Batcave to the Fortress of Solitude.Injustice: Gods Among Us Watch trailer(s) Warner Bros.Dragon Age III: Inquisition Electronic Arts platforms tbd BioWare's third Dragon Age RPG will be influenced by its competitor Skyrim, and could also arrive on the next-generation consoles.and new approaches to water and power that are less cumbersome to implement (but no less challenging to manage).Thieves in Time also brings a new developer (Sanzaru Games) to the franchise, but expect gameplay to be similar to that of the first three games, though with a much bigger world to explore and a more refined graphical design.Whether you are playing singly or with a friend online, protagonist Isaac Clarke returns (joined by newcomer John Carver in the co-op mode) to battle the zombie-like Necromorphs, this time on the ice planet Tau Volantis.
Dear Esther 75) and features completely new characters, a different setting (Victorian England, 60 years after the first game and revised gameplay.