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He is the most cunning of the three, though his temperament and love for the king cause him to covertly defy the king's orders in order to prevent his humanization.
Razor later reveals to Gon that he was formerly a convict captured by Ging and brought to the island as a prisoner.
227 Shalnark is killed by Hisoka after he decides to wipe out the entire Phantom Troupe following his defeat by Chrollo in Heaven's Arena.350 Oito Hui Guo Rou edit Oito Hui Guo Rou Oito Hoikro ) is Nasubi's eighth wife and Woble's mother, she hires Kurapika to protect her and her daughter during the succession game.K Cassell (2011 series, English) Abengane is an exorcist; a Nen user with the ability to remove curses to himself or to other users.His Nen ability also allows him to directly steal the abilities of other Nen users.Thomas (2011 series, English) Nobunaga Hazama has a similar appearance to ronin warriors in Edo period Japan, complete with a long katana that he uses with great finesse and skill.Her ultimate ability is to transform herself into a hideous monster with even greater strength and super-hard skin, which she uses as a last resort against Feitan.Chimera Ant queens possess an entirely unique method of reproduction, known as phagogenesis, a fictional term describing the process by which chimera ants reproducethrough eating.During the 287th Hunter's Exam, Illumi disguised himself as Gittarackur Gitarakuru and used special pins to change his entire facial structure.69 Milluki is talented in hacking computer systems, as Killua asks him to hack a memory card from Ging.But Uvogin refuses to answer Kurapika's question on the whereabouts of the other Troupe members, instantly killed with his body buried by Kurapika soon after.By chance, one of the soldier ants gathers two human children and feeds them to the Queen; she finds them more delicious and nutritious than prior prey and subsequently orders her soldiers to concentrate on gathering humans.319 is a Double Star Crime Hunter acrobat professional 11 mac and said to be a man with common sense.The protagonists from, hunter Hunter as seen from left to right (in the bottom) Killua, Gon, Kurapika, and behind, Leorio.52 While he appears to have the upper hand at first, Hisoka realizes that Kastro has been working in tandem with a doppelgänger created through his Nen.The Gyudondond believe that the more beautiful a sound that is played, the greater the spirit it can summon.

The story focuses on 12-year-old.It is also known that he hates regular spiders, too.She is a musician, dancer, and Botanical Hunter.Colt is partly born of the boy's genetic material, and has residual memories of Reina, even mentioning her name without realizing.He has developed his Ten so that he can defend himself from bullets.After accumulating nine out of the ten required wins to become a Floor Master, he challenges Hisoka to a rematch.She is introduced during the Chimera Ant arc and frequently plays the chimera ant king, in Gungi.34, 38 He decided to become a Hunter in order to find the elusive Hermit's Scroll.His nen ability, called "Perfect Plan allows him to turn invisible, and while he holds his breath he is completely undetectable by smell, sound or even touch.His nen ability is to form 2 gorillas out of his nen.
In order to do this, he uses methods like spiking drinks with a strong laxative and being contradictory simply to delay progress in a time-sensitive arena, where he is teamed up with them.