medieval total war patch 1.1

18) Fixed replays not working properly when bringing on reinforcements in battles.
8) The brother of a king now gets a "son matures" event generated for him if he doesn't come of age before the succession (of his older brother).
7) Turned off keyboard typing sound in MP menus.28) All the listed vices and virtues will now affect the Generals immediately, not randomly.15) Addition of faction.Prove yourself worthy in the shoes of a famous historical figure (Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Saladin and Frederick Barbarrosa).Same faction MP battles.Was possible to build, for instance, 2 Grand Mosques at the same time.Multiplayer Improvements: 1) Improved GameSpy logon / logoff speed friendliness.14) Siege time of a castle is now longer.10) Game now correctly updates 'playing' status for players after they finish an MP game.39) Upon winning a Historical Campaign Battle if you select the first option, Replay Battle, and then quit from that battle, your progress is no longer generals zh patch 1.04 lost.7) Game now redirects people to Activision site after they register a GameSpy account through the game.8) Game now correctly handles multiple MP games with the same server name.16) Various crashout problems fixed on internet menus and in MP battles.12) Fixed booting of people with the same CD key (so it always happens).13) Game now sends useful game results to GameSpy server at the end of an MP game.
9) Game now remembers selected player name in chatrooms (previously it kept dropping back to 'Room making private conversations tricky).

It'll often break off from combat against infantry, and either charge back, or attack at another point.27) Transition between early and high, high and late periods: if the player has any units (such as the king/princes/royal knights) being retrained/upgraded when the time period changes, the units will no longer be lost.11) Removed the ability to build more than one of certain unique buildings in your provinces.We recommend that you do not use the default folder but instead create a new one - for example, a temporary folder on your desktop - Click Install to extract the files - Navigate to the temporary folder you just created - Run Setup.18) Enabled battle mouseover text after deployment but before battle starts.Occasional instability was previously noticed.44) In a Late or High period campaign with the Danish, the player can now build/train the correct ships.38) When playing a catholic faction full campaign, the player is now unable to build multiple cathedrals and gain the excess income from each cathedral.Choose alliances well, and enemies with care, Total War shows no mercy.9) Fleets escaping from a sea battle do so at their own speed.This includes issues addressed for specific cases.
21) If a fight drags on for a long time, then the factors start to get increased until one or other of the combatants dies.
42) Glory goals: You can now see exactly how many points each faction has in total - previously you could only see the height of the bars (which isn't precise enough for you to be sure) or go to each faction in turn and count.