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Brad, i also invite you to consider these beginner video lessons.
Click here for information about my downloadable PDF eBook which expands on the free lessons here on the site.A mandolin chord chart is also available.These suggestions are simply meant to help you understand better what you are learning.Learn how to play hundreds of mandolin chords easily with our free printable chord sheets in PDF format.Beginning mandolin lessons, here is a complete free beginning mandolin lesson course.
In each of the four essential mandolin scales in this figure (G, C, D, and A the root note (the name of the scale) is highlighted.
Two or more different voicings are provided for each chord, including two-finger chords, chop chords, and more.

Whether you play bluegrass, folk music, jazz, or something else, you will find chord shapes you can use.All chords feature chord diagrams with fingering.More than twenty different chord types are provided for every root.No theory is needed; just memorise a few easy shapes!Essentially, this is a free mandolin e-book for beginners.In particular are my two most popular chord videos: Moveable Major Minor Chords and Barre Chords 7th Chords.T is an extensive online chord finder for mandolin.Plus audio tracks of all of the songs and exercises.Beginning Videos 1-4 might be just what you need!Larger tablature, more tunes and chords, printable full page format.