mac os x disk utility add partition

Do not use the Trash as a temporary storage area: only put an object in the Trash if you are sure it is no longer needed.
Empty the Trash, as obvious as it may sound, some folks regularly Trash files but neglect to periodically empty the Trash.
Download Recovery Partition Creator - which is available for free here.
While you could replace your current hard drive with a larger model, or install a second internal hard drive if your Mac will support such, the following tips will help you to free some space without changing your hardware.A word of advice: Resizing mounted boot volumes isnt always the best idea in the world because theres a tiny potential something could go wrong.How to make a Mac recovery partition in Oavericks and earlier The steps above apply to the two most recent versions of Mac OS X, but there are script tools available that make the process easier if you're running something earlier.Another common use is to partition large external hard drives for a specific Time Machine backup partition, and then a separate storage partition.Download Recovery Partition Creator.8.Latest Version Release Added On: 11th Jan good doctor episode 17 sub indo 2014.Select the text of the following Terminal command and copy it (Apple C, or Command C sudo /Applications/Install Ol -volume /Volumes/Untitled -applicationpath /Applications/Install Ol Capitan.sometimes, however, for one reason or another, the partition is not created during the installation process.Type your Admin password when requested to authenticate this operation.This extract from a chapter of our book.This is a neat way of triggering for a second time the process whereby the recovery partition is created.Generally the best and simplest method is to reinstall OS X entirely.Consequently, we do not recommend moving either your Home or Users folders to a different disk or partition.The transparency of the application can be adjusted according to your needs.
Unzip the install file and double-click the icon.

It has everything that you can think of with a very elegant design.You'll get one more warning message and chance to change your mind: click Open.Go back to the main menu and choose Install.Time Machine will backup a drive until the available space is taken, so if you set it to backup to a partition, it will only take up that space and leave the other partition alone, allowing the drive to serve multiple uses and allowing you.Optionally, click the icon if you need to add a partition, read more about that here.Click Apply for changes to take effect on the drive.Mac Oosemite Overview, oosemite is the eleventh major release of OS X from Apple for Mac computers.For example, we know of at least one Mac Oecurity Update that expected the Users folder on the Mac OS X startup disk.(The name of the disk needs to be "Untitled if the Terminal commands below are to work, so rename it if necessary.) Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the format type. .