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Phrases have an audio track so you can listen to their pronunciation.
The video lectures use a virtual blackboard to help key finder pro 2010 explain grammar.
Korean Language Exchanges Hanlingo : A language-food exchange where somebody teaches you Korean in exchange for some food (or coffee or beer).
They'll thank you for it!Korean Wiki Project : A site aimed at being an encyclopedia of the Korean Language.Easy to find the particular piece of grammar that you dont understand and the explanations are easy to follow.This series of books has earl nightingale audio books detailed English explanations about when certain words should be used.Learning is done in Hangeul rather than romanized Korean to help pronunciation.Includes vocabulary lists including Korea specific vocabulary lists like Taekwondo and Calligraphy.Korean Pronunciation, naver Pronunciation : Search for a Korean word, then click on the button that looks like a speaker.Weekly update is done after each lesson. If you need time to revise at home you can postpone the date and time you booked.How To Study Korean : This site has over a hundred lessons including lessons on Hanja.Indiana University : Good for practicing the sounds of the characters.Written in Korean as it is aimed at students of Sogang Language school.The National Institute of Korean Language : Lessons for learning the Korean alphabet, including example words and intonation.The lessons are in polite Korean and it is designed for students in a class so might be a little bit difficult to use without help.Then, please contact.
Busy Atoms Korean Alphabet : Video explanations for how to learn Korean, with Quizlet flash cards at the bottom to help you practice.
101 Langauges : A general resource site for Korean with free language tools to help with Korean studies.

Joongang Ilbo : Has news in Korean.He shares his experiences on his blog and associated channel.Korean Alphabet, photo: Ron Cogswell, use these sites to help you learn the 24 character Korean Alphabet (Hangul) for proper pronunciation.Mylanguageexchange : This language exchange is free to use but you need to pay to become a premium member in order to start a conversation.M : The go-to source for information related to the Korean football league.Look in the section called to find some movies to watch.Listen and repeat for pronunciation practice.What was once only going to be a year abroad, has turned into seven and likely many more.Currently available in North South America, the UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.It also has online language exchanges but is focused on helping students find an online teacher.
Hulu : Korean dramas, available depending on where you are located.
Be sure to speak with placement consultant Joanne, who has over 10 years experience teaching in Korea and is a native English speaker.