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Kintaro Oe, from Golden Boy.
Midway through the series Momo appeared, who is a single target Loveable Sex Maniac in sheeps clothing.
In his case, it helps that while he's an unrepentant pervert, he also has a strong sense of morals and he tends to get extremely angry at men who see women as nothing but a source of pleasure.
Tadao Yokoshima, from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, is the lovable sex maniac male lead who dares to climb up to the fifth floor to be a Peeping Tom, went through a well pre-planned route to furtively watch naked women in order to power up to win.Lily has frequently made comments about, and passes at, Robin to varying degrees of perversion.The Nameless One can set him up with a prostitute for a gratifying skull-polishing, or send him to learn new obscenities from a dominatrix.Because Paio turns out to be a girl underneath those robes, though, it's usually Played for Laughs.All it seems to do, as Hodgins points out, is increase her libido.And the less said about Junior's origin, the better.
Note that in both cases their.
Whenever she'd get even slightly aroused, she would drag Xander away to have naughty time with him.

One of the main plots in the Darkness series is her trying to set up Rito with almost every named female in the series.She's not groping so much as kneading.The title character of Johnny Bravo will knits for nerds pdf hit on any attractive woman he meets, he is almost always rejected with a few exceptions.Margaret Cho, who says she's either a sex addict or a gay man and has written adorable songs about "Your Dick" (Ooh-ooh-ooh).He's not just a lovable sex maniac, he's a lovable, alcoholic, flamboyantly bisexual sex maniac.You just go on there and point and click.Harry bribes/rewards him for acting.And like the trope dictates, he's not shy about outright lechery.Flirty with every woman in the party, even when they turn him down, loved so many woman another party member was in tears over it, and loves his buddy Bastion in an entirely plutonic way.Endless Frontier Haken Browning is this trope, though considering winter screensavers for windows 8 bloody near every woman in the game (even the flat chested ones and the lolis) are always some form of walking (and often fighting) Fetish Fuel, one would wonder about his sexuality if he didn't act.He then swears to protect the world exclusively for the benefit of women, on the off-chance they'd let him grope can i reinstall windows 7 on mac their boobs.
Bleach Urahara has been known to refer to himself as a "handsome, perverted businessman".
Having grown up to the age of 15 without any sort of human contact, he becomes enamored with the very concept of "boobs" the instant he sees Mio (his female instructor for those 15 years).