iso rune factory frontier

1 version, I think it my just be me but the first movie in Adventure mode is choppy, all other movies etc seem to be perfect Nkid) (Note: Trying to load a Masterpiece demo will cause the game to return to the Wii menu.).
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Works YES PAL cd bruno e marrone de volta aos bares ntsc-U Works in both Beta and Gamma 4 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Item Mod Chest Slot 93EC 0000000?For me, monsters became essential, thanks to the game using the same tired battle system from previous installments.Item Mod Bag Slot 92E0 0000000?A puzzle adventure with nice cell shaded graphics.Item Level Bag Slot 926F 0000000?6 Metroid Prime 3 works YES / NO PAL ntsc-U Decrypted versions crash after a while playing, stick to 1:1; also takes a while to get doors to open after shooting them.Rune Factory Frontier has two main aspects to its gameplay: farming and fighting monsters.6 Mortal Kombat Armageddon works YES / NO PAL ntsc-U see this thread 3 4 Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets of Spooky Mansion works YES ntsc-?After a moment you should see an introduction screen introducing you to the Wii Plus device, press the A button to start the video (note: you can either watch the video in its entirety, or exit out mid way through viewing it, as long.Voir toutes les offres, description : Rune Factory Oceans sur Wii est un jeu de rôle orienté gestion dans lequel vous contrôlez Azel, Sonia et le géant Ymir.Works YES ntsc Works fine on Gamma with 002 fix.Item Amount Ship Box Slot 95E5 0000000?1 Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 works YES / NO PAL ntsc-U On Pal: Beta works with read retry cIOS fix.Item Mod Ship Box Slot 963C 0000000?
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Item Level Ship Box Slot 95CA 0000000?A very beautiful 2D game that starts off easy, but does come with a fair share of challenging levels.9 Nodame Cantabile Dream Orchestra works YES ntsc-J None 2 O game name result 1:1 region notes confirmed Obscure II - The Aftermath works YES PAL ntsc-U 4 Okami works YES / NO PAL ntsc-U Works 100 on Gamma Oneechanbara Revolution works YES /.RR3 fails to load with altdol 0 25Jun2011 Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time Works/ Issues ntsc-U SR4E41.14G Used Waninkoko ciosx rev21, random freezes 1 24Dec2010 Rayman: Raving Rabbids Works ntsc-U rrbe41.62G.5 0 Rayman: Raving Rabbids Works PAL rrbp41.67G 2 Rayman: Raving.Works great for at least 1 person with Wiigator's cIOS.Everything else is fine.16 Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City works YES PAL Gamma: WiFi works perfectly, unless Wii's system menu.4.Random freezes with cIOS rev 10/rev 14 on NeoGamma R6/R7 too.Item Mod Chest Slot 93BC 0000000?Only people who have it working should post info.
Throw away the game iso and reload from an uncorrupted source.
Sometimes cut scenes lag.