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Delphi 2 Devra Hall February 1996 Teach Yourself Delphi 2 in 21 Days Dan Osier, Steve Grobman, Steve Batson February 1996 Using Delphi 2: Special Edition Brian Salmanowitz, Scott Strool, Brent Biely, Scott.Preiss (PDF) Dive into Python - Mark Pilgrim (2.3) Dive into Python 3 - Mark Pilgrim (3.0) From Python to NumPy Full Stack Python Functional Programming in Python (Just fill the fields with any values) Fundamentals of Python Programming - Richard.O'Keefe, Jan Wielemaker, Simon Price Concise Intro to Prolog Expert Systems in Prolog GNU Prolog Manual (PDF) Introduction to Prolog for Mathematicians -.Red Gate Books, stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books m, the Definitive C Book Guide and List.Turkel, Adam Crymble and Alan MacEachern The Python Ecosystem: An Introduction The Python GTK 3 Tutorial The Standard Python Library - Fredrik Lundh Think Complexity - Allen.Downey (using Python) Mathematics For Computer Science Misc 2016 European Software Development Salary Survey (Just fill the fields with any values) 2016 Software Development Salary Survey (Just fill the fields with any values) 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know - Extended A Mathematical Theory.Arbind K Lal, IIT Kanpur (PDF) Linear Algebra (PDF) Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Mathematical Discourse - Jim Hefferon Mathematical Logic - an Introduction (PDF) Mathematics, MTH101A -.