hp-ux serviceguard lock disk

Lock Disk ( The lock disk is not dedicated for use as the cluster lock; the disk can be employed as part of a normal volume group with user data.
See the Managing Serviceguard manual for details.
The cluster lock volume group and physical volume names are identified in shutdown control windows 7 the cluster configuration file.
The dreamweaver cs3 with crack rar node that acquires the lock (in this case node 2) continues running in the cluster.Before we can start to use this cookbook, we need to understand what Serviceguard is and what it is trying to achieve.Done Cluster successfully formed.Install a Quorum Server (optional in a basic cluster).Set sgconf (on both nodes) # vi /.profile - sgconf/etc/cmcluster export sgconf - # echo sgconf /etc/cmcluster.D/net stop # ifconfig lan1 lan1: inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast.What constitutes a failure?A cluster lock device can be either an HP-UX LVM cluster lock or a cluster lock LUN device.D/netconf - interface_name1lan1 IP_address subnet_mask1 broadcast_address1 interface_state1 dhcp_enable10 interface_modules1 - - on m # vi /etc/nfig.M: # ioscan -N -fnC disk disk 12 64000/0xfa00/0x7 esdisk claimed device HP HSV210 /dev/disk/disk12 /dev/rdisk/disk12 # mkdir /dev/vglock # mknod /dev/vglock/group c 64 0x010000 # ll /dev/vglock crw-rr 1 root sys 64 0x010000 Jul 31 14:42 group # pvcreate -f /dev/rdisk/disk12 Physical volume /dev/rdisk/disk12.Member Name, remember Me?A lock LUN requires about 100.

So here." The mechanics of performing such tasks are not covered in this module because they are covered elsewhere.The need to reset the cluster lock device state could arise if the cluster lock device is replaced or becomes corrupt.Cmdisklock will fail until vgcf- grestore is run, and cmdisklock is unnecessary as long as vgcfgbackup was done after the cluster lock was initialized.Ensure that any shared, lVM volume groups are not activated at boot time.D/cmcluster autostart_cmcld1 / Manuel Startup # cmruncl -v / Overview # cmviewcl -v / Stop Cluster # cmhaltcl -v Serviceguard Manager (sgmgr) Serviceguard Manager is a graphical user interface that provides configuration, monitoring, and administration of Serviceguard.Each bullet point in the cookbook should be studied, understood, and implemented carefully.This mark will survive an off-on power cycle of the disk device unlike scsi disk reservations.