guild wars 2 can't patch

Skirmish/Scenario Maps Fixed issue related to the victory conditions on Yeshtars Promise Fixed FPS drop and constant freezes during combat after several gameplay hours on Bloodpact Fixed Some maps are showing Day 1 twice on the second day Fixed The player is unable to finish.
A lot of the questions asked after a new feature patch, which has since been announced, or an expansion.This past week has been a bit mad in terms of GW2 ; between interviews from gamescom bringing news many were unhappy with as well as a number of DDoS attacks since yesterday evening, tempers are running high.Cultivated Vine BP Last time I posted this I received some pretty positive feedback and constructive criticism.(one of the following) Character name : What the.I dont post much in reddit, but I am a heavy lurker, especially when it comes to GW2 reddit and especially when it comes to SAB.
Fixed Skills/Abilities The Indomitable skill does not work against Face of Fear and Mesmerize.
This event gets upscaled which means more people more mobs more Elites Champions.

If sylvari: Squad member : Watch your feet!Unless you want to watch Karl in front of a plain green screen, theres no way we can show it tomorrow.In case anyone was wondering, Taimis Asura technomagic does have roots in real science.Fixed Player is unable to board the ship manufactured in the shipyard on the spawning island Final 1 Fixed A crash when restarting fight against Vayaron on Final Map 1 (general tom cruise teeth 2015 crash fix for some misbehaving buffs).Saul casts Form Up and Advance!The trait changes will roll out with the April Feature Pack.Reddit Spoiler Why is Mordremoth more powerful than Zhaitan already?
Phase 5 (33 - 0 health) edit With the pair defeated again, Samarog will return for its last stand.
Once her subjects are eliminated, she will be defenseless and easily defeated.