fairy tail episode 83

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It first aired on June 11, 2011.
Happy and Carla are brought to Extalia, the home of the Exceed, and learn the reason why they were actually sent to Earthland.When Gajeel lands on the ground, he looks at the glowing Lacrima with surprise.Meanwhile, Edolas Gajeel plans a distraction so Earthland Gajeel can attempt to destroy the lacrima that holds his friends.The anime showed the beginning of the Magic extraction ceremony and Gajeel interrupting the event, which was not present in the manga.Extalia and are treated like heroes.Happy and Carla's first glimpse of Extalia Happy and Carla follow Nichiya and Nadi outside.Nichiya and Nadi, elsewhere, Carla and Happy lie on a large pink bed.Nichiya and Nadi look surprised by Happy's declaration.Carla stops in her tracks and asks what her duty.A black cat that waves his paw continuously, Nadi, enters the room, tells Nichiya that it's Carla's and Happy's first time in Edolas and they've probably never seen other Exceeds before.The situation changed when the Anima that the humans made created new possibilities and so instead of killing the humans of Earth Land, their Magic Power would be used and among all that Magic, the Dragon Slayer's would be an exceptionally large part.Japan Air Date, june 11, 2011, adapted from.Exceeds stand over the humans and guide them and that this is their kingdom, Extalia.
Happy recalls the memories he had with Natsu and their other friends.
Happy defends his and Carla's identity Back in Extalia, Carla almost breaks down from the information she heard.

In the crowd, Edo-Gajeel creates fireworks that form the word "north".Exceeds have completed their mission, they have been returned to their homeland and are probably celebrating a feast as their reward.The Lacrima brightly shines.Extalia, kanji, rmaji, ekusutaria, fUNimation Title, extalia.He steps in front of Carla and proclaims that they're not puppets and that they're Fairy Tail Mages.Gajeel understands the signal and yells that there's something written there and that a suspicious fellow after the Lacrima is at the north of the plaza.Extalia is the 83rd episode of the.Natsu Dragneel, Wendy Marvell and, lucy Heartfilia are in prison while, happy and, carla are taken.