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He also went to war for his country and died fighting.
The Big Bad of Legends of Equestria is a being known only as The Emperor, leader of a race of highly advanced reptilian beings and ruler of a world-wide empire of which Equestria is merely "a speck".
Vector English Mission: Astral World, Part 3 Episode 121 Japanese (Hikari o Tsugumono!Empresses Jiang Lihua and Nunnally vi Britannia are the good version.The Legions of Hell and most Always Chaotic Evil races are this guy's mooks.Films Animated The Chinese Emperor in Mulan is depicted as noble and wise, even grandfatherly.Gyarakushaizu Puraimu Foton Doragon) 22 December 2013 1 December 2014 Translated Japanese The Myth of the Revived Dragon Emperor!Emperor Hawthorne was a Big Bad in Avernum.Former includes Whitebeard, the World's Strongest Man, who died at the Paramount War.English The Fate of Three Worlds Episode 142 Japanese (Saigo no Kib!Alito the Indomitable Fighter English Rivals in the Ring Episode 81 Japanese (Kotori ga Kaosu Ekushzu Chenji!?Eddison's The Worm Ouroboros, Evil Overlord and Big Bad of the book.Historically, Emperors outranked Kings, so when you need an authority figure to convey the highest possible power and rank, you can't get any higher than making them The Emperor (unless you.

He was enormously popular among the inhabitants mx player codec 1.7.15a of San Francisco, though - he got entry to the city's finest restaurants and theatres for free, had his own currency which was officially accepted by the city, single-handedly prevented a violent Anti-Chinese riot from breaking out, the.Koisuru Oira wa Muteki Dearimasu) 10 February 2013 7 December 2013 Translated Japanese Obomi Rescue Operation!?"Emperor" is likely a self-imposed title, but he has conquered a galaxy, so not many folk are in a position to object.Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror in Nikolai Dante is somewhere between the evil overlord and shadow emperor.Even today Amaris remembered as the most sinister man in the Inner Sphere.It helps that he has a nigh-unbreakable monopoly on AM2, the fuel that the Empire runs on, and it is worth noting that someone developing/finding another source of AM2 counts as a threat of destabilising the Empire.Only in historic plotlines involving the leaders of the real-life Roman Empire will they get any sympathetic depiction at all, and even then they're usually portrayed unflatteringly.Tales of the Abyss has Emperor Peony IX, a Benevolent Emperor this is the man that commissions battle costumes for the party and goes incognito to fight crime.Save the Captured Little Sister!
Medieval Spain had Several Emperors of all Spain.
Depending on the galaxy and the current RP the emperor may be an all-powerful overlord or an ignored figurehead.