dual booting windows 8 and linux mint 14

All critiques and assistance ything to help newcomers successfully achieve Mint/Win-8 dual boot.
You want to dual-boot Linux Mint 16 onto a Windows.0 system. .
In order to boot into Linux you must press the special function boot key after restart and from there to further select what OS you wish to start.
Linux, mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).Step 6: Normally DVD should boot automatically, you can interrupt by pressing any key and select Start Linux Mint.On the next screen choose your nearest physical location from the map and hit Continue.Hardware Specifications: Crucial M4 256GB Msata SSD.Go to Windows Control Panel, Power Options, Choose What the Power Buttons Do, Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable. .Finally, create the home preparacion fisica especial en el voleibol slice with the below settings (use all the available free space to create home partition).(All of these numbers are for guide purposes only.Preparing to Install Linux Mint.Assumes these procedures will work with Windows.1, but can't guarantee - my system is Win.0.Step 13: Click on Install Now.
Step 2: Above command opens Disk management console, you can find your hard disk with allocation of space.

By default Linux Mint will boot first, you can have option to choose the operating system that you want boot.Action: change to "legacy" or similar setting.Overriding goal with this tutorial is keep it simple, and don't scare away the t also wide open to community input and improvements.Linux Mint 18 Installation Completed.512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).Windows 8 System Actions/Changes. .Select Start Linux Mint Cinnamon-Install.Home partition is the place where all documents for user accounts will be stored by default, except the root account.If you are tech person, you might want to test tamil through hindi pdf the.For my system, a little cluncky, but it works. .