detective conan episode 670

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The treasure had been revealed to be a hologram of beautiful colors on the inner walls of the tower of darkness.
I remember that Ayumi used to be a lot more tomboyish back in the day.Far from what I would call visually stunning.Meda no Fansub, kFR Fansub, mugetsu No Fansub, information.While checking the smaller mirror, Ayumi notices that it is covered with the same heavy perfume Momoe Kyoudou was wearing, accidentally flips the mirror, and suddenly, the big mirror Conan was investigating slides down to reveal an entrance covered with masking tape.The victim, Momoe, had mistaken the description of the button leading to the treasure.
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Copyright 2017 m, Designed by Themezy.Not only does it have a lackluster answer that lacks any impact, it also doesn't make much sense - the victim should have fell backwards, not frontwards, when she saw the hologram appeared in the sky.Ayumi immediately alerts the boys about Haibara's disappearance, who begin investigating the restroom; consequently, Conan notices that there's wind coming from the mirror, but can't gain access into the passageway behind.Mitsuhiko alerts Conan that there's a storeroom next door, so convinced that there's another entrance, the Detective Boys run next door to search the storeroom.Case File #669 670, the Dark Tower's Hidden Treasure, and we're back to the anime-originals' standard quality.But after Haibara tells Ayumi to go ahead, she accidentally falls through a secret passageway hidden behind a mirror in the bathroom.Conan asks Ayumi to stay, but she is determined to go with him to find Haibara, so holding hands, they go through the masking tape together.Semua game soul saber 2 anime yang ada disini cuman bisa ditonton streaming.In its poorly animated form, it looks more like blurred colors mashed together.Momoe had been surprised by the hologram that came when the blue button was pressed, since she was expecting treasure, and she fell.Later, they visit her house, where Nanami Kyoudou's mother, Momoe Kyoudou is apparently pushed off of the Black Tower.