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Tom: I'm not surprised.
Meter point administration number (mpan) Your meter point administration number will often be referred to registry clean expert 4.88 crack as your mpan or your supply number.
Read more about dual fuel.
Renewable energy Energy from natural sources which can be replaced as it is used.Shipperless A Shipperless supply is when there is a gas meter on site - but it hasnt been registered correctly within the industry.Centrica is currently investing over 750 million in renewable energy sources.Optimising the energy efficiency of a boiler could help save energy and reduce ace hardware projection clock costs.In addition, all businesses have a responsibility to ensure appliances meet the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Natural gas that has been liquefied by reducing temperature or increasing pressure.If you have trouble locating it on your bill, use our energy bill breakdown links at the top of the page.Variable Direct Debit (VDD) If you have a variable direct debit set up with your energy supplier, then you are giving them control over the direct debit.If your meter measures in cubic meters with an 'm3' next to the reading, then go through the same sum while removing the metric conversion factor.83.Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes Your postcode Energy bills jargon buster Our glossary lists all the terms you're likely to find, either on your bills or across our site.
Gigawatthour (gWh) A unit of measurement for electrical energy equal to one billion watt hours.
I tried to find out the average UK domestic household power consumption, but got lost in a maze future diary episode 10 of statistics.

Ecoes notifies the relevant suppliers if you switch your electricity supply.Supply number A unique reference number identifying the electricity meter at your property.Do you know what tariff youre on?Banking Automated Credit System (BACs the electronic transfer of funds.In my spreadsheet Ive noted the date in column A and the reading for that date in column.Half hourly online A secure online management tool that displays your half hourly energy usage data.Now that's slightly above average use, but it's generally consistent with what people do use.But in the rare occasion that we do ask you for it, it's here on the last page of your bill.Reactive power The power returned to an electrical source by the reactive components of a circuit.
Wind energy is pollution-free and renewable and is considered to be the most economically viable and scaleable renewable energy source.
Can be different from the billing address where bills and invoices are sent.