convert audio from 25 fps to 23.976fps

The original film Keykode and 24frame/s audio timecode can be then be reconciled with the 25frame/s telecine add calendar web part sharepoint 2013 timecode by the generation of a telecine log file containing this information.
Then, every second frame has one of its fields duplicated, resulting in three fields.
But as said before: You can not change the framerate of your.264 file, as that's a "raw" stream which doesn't contain any framerate information.
Changing the runtime of the audio will require full a decode/encode cycle.7 See also edit References edit Music Video Shooting At 30p, t "24PA, 24F, 24P, 25F, 25P, 30F, 30P explained".See m/cameras/ for example of camera that produces at 120 frame/s.More advanced techniques can be used to mitigate problems such as aliasing from the temporal displacement between the 60i fields.Various techniques can be used to perform this conversion.Since the images were captured at 1/60 second, there is less motion blur between images than there would have been if shot at 24 frame/s with a 180 shutter (i.e.This camera was the first DV camera that could switch between different frame rates, including 60i, 30p, and 24p with a choice between the 2:3:3:2 or 3:2 pulldown schemes.Diagram here 60i to 24p conversions edit Another method of achieving the 24p aesthetic is to capture 60i footage and convert it into 24p.Some music videos and television series today are shot with 24p video.So i would like to know how convert the audio track (ac3.1) losslessly it appears to be the easiest thing to do here.That is not a propper way to do this for all purposes.The last step is to compensate for the lack of motion blur in the 60i footage.2 Because the 2:3:3:2 scheme was devised for efficient pulldown removal for editing, and because 24p editing applications more universally support its removal, it should always be used when planning to edit in native 24p.For best results, footage should be deinterlaced and frame-doubled to 60p.Often the resolution is dropped and the i/p designation moved after the frame rate for shorthand.

(Meaning, a multiple of 48000 samples).In video technology, 24p refers to a video format that operates at 24 frames per second (typically,.976 frames/s when using equipment based.This is because the "30 frame/s" frame rate of ntsc is actually 30/100.1, also referred to.97 frame/s this frame rate is matched when video.976 frame/s has a 3:2 pulldown applied.This was the common result when programs were shot on 2008 acura tsx manual film or had film portions, edited on ntsc, and then shown in PAL countries (mostly music videos ).It is also noteworthy that the camera records HD footage, complete with clip information, to static P2 memory cards instead of tape.This method incurs no motion artifacts other than the slightly increased speed, which is typically not noticeable.