computer parts power consumption calculator

We estimate that an average modern desktop PC will use approximately 100 watts of power, not including the display screen.
OC marking in the end means the card is an overclocked model.
Added 200mm fan February 19th, 2014 Added over 200 older CPU models.
RAM sticks installed in the system.We've got you covered - OuterVision PSU Calculator will help you to select a suitable power supply unit and even Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your system.All hard drives on the list are.5 inch models unless mentioned otherwise.Cost Per Hour: Cost Per Day: Cost Per Month: Cost Per Year: kWh Per Day: Hours Used Per Day: Power Use (Watts Price (kWh Hours Used Per Day: Enter how many hours the device is being used on average per day, if the power consumption.It can also be used to calculate the cost of electricity as well as optimize the parts for energy efficiency or low noise levels.An average desktop computer uses between 60 and 300 watts.If theres multiple cards, select "Linked" if cards are linked together with ATI CrossFire or nVidia SLI bridges.Common devices 1234 X No keyboardStandard keyboardKeyboard with LED backlight 1234 X No mouseStandard mouseGaming mouse 1234 X No floppy driveStandard floppy drive 1234 X No CD driveStandard CD driveRecordable CD drive 1234 X No DVD driveStandard DVD driveRecordable DVD drive 1234 X No Blu-ray.Support If you found this site useful, consider donating some bitcoins or litecoins to support the future development of the site.We on the other hand, have gathered thousands of results from various real-world benchmarks and manufacturer data sheets to extract the real power of these components.Based on these analysis, we provide recommendation to our users with the best bang for the buck power supply per each certification category.Systems with numerous hard drives may encounter a large start-up power peak.When selecting a proper power supply unit, pay attention to the 12V rail power ratings.Solid state disk encyclopedia brown cracks the case guided reading level drives X NoneAny standard ssdadata Premier SP610adata S510adata S511adata SP600adata SP900adata SX900adata XPG SX900Corsair Force 3Corsair Force GSCorsair Force GTCorsair Force LSCorsair NeutronCorsair Neutron gtxcrucial BX100Crucial M4Crucial M500Crucial M550Crucial MX100Crucial MX200Crucial RealSSD C300Intel SSD 320Intel SSD 330Intel SSD 335Intel SSD 510Intel SSD.
Choose the second card only if there are different cards on the system.

If you have a multimonitor setup, the results may vary.Hard disk drives / Hybrid disk drives X NoneAny standard.5 inchAny standard.rpmany standard.rpmany standard.0rpmany standard.0rpmhgst MegaScale DC 4000.B 4Tbhgst Travelstar 7K1000 1Tb (2.5 inch)hgst Travelstar 7K1000 750Gb (2.5 inch)hgst Ultrastar 7K3000 2Tb (SAS)hgst Ultrastar 7K3000 2Tb (sata)hgst Ultrastar 7K3000 3Tb.In many cases, that's not the actual power.Video cards 123456 X NoneATI FireGL V3200ATI FireGL V5200ATI FireGL V7100ATI FireGL V7300ATI FireGL V7350ATI FireGL V7700ATI FireGL V8600ATI FireGL X1-256ATI FireGL X3-256ATI FirePro V3700ATI FirePro V3750ATI FirePro V3800ATI FirePro V3900ATI FirePro V4800ATI FirePro V4900ATI FirePro V5700ATI FirePro V5800ATI FirePro V5900ATI FirePro V7800ATI FirePro V7900ATI.If you want to find out the exact amount of electricity your desktop computer is using we recommend you buy an electricity usage monitor or a power meter, which sits between your power socket and any devices you plug.Many assumptions and predictions has to be made to give you a rough estimate of the total system power.To prevent confusion, only modern CPUs are listed.Modern computers use the 12V rails to generate most of the voltages in the system.We assume the system is working in a power saving mode if available.
Other devices X USB devices X FireWire devices Include all USB and FireWire devices on the system, except for the keyboard and mouse (since they can already be included in common devices).
We assume the system fans are temperature controlled.