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Highlight the current date on a GeekTool 'cal' geeklet.
Weather and displays the location, sunrise, sunset, and current conditions in verbose mode for woeid (which is my location).One of my favorite displays is current weather information.That's a bit ugly for my taste, so I endeavored to find a way to highlight the current day with another color.Fourth, I added the optional display of the sunrise and sunset times and a few other weather options such as wind chill (also known as the feels-like temperature).Update (May 7, 2016 Many thanks to kind reader @chogc who asked about 19 rack mount pull-out tray for lcd screen the metric option to display temperature in Celsius.Geeklets is a site run by the UK based Macosxtips, and it allows for users to submit their own GeekTool scripts and rate others.Finally, you position the single-day calendar precisely over the full-month calendar, so that the highlighted day sits exactly over the current day.I thought about patching the various scripts.Macosxtips: Geeklets, the above screenshot is pulled from the site showing a couple GeekTool scripts running, theres a ton to choose from, so poke around and see what you find. Version.1 incorporating these fixes can be found here.Weather Feeds With Python, i also used two additional scripts from other sources for displaying a current weather image icon obtained from Yahoo!To use this, you make two calendar Geeklets in GeekTool: one which displays the normal output of cal, and one which displays the output of the above command with the text in a different color (I chose yellow both in a monospace font, of course.A few months ago, all three weather scripts stopped working.Python script to obtain the short description of the current weather condition.I also used the query change information described here to alter how the script fetched weather information from Yahoo!Over the years, problems arose with the current weather image icon script that required various workarounds, such as switching to the.

Ultimately, the problem was due to a query change instituted by Yahoo!Im a long-time GeekTool user, which I use to display various pieces of information on my Mac desktop.File tmp/g shows the result of the /Applications/ Bash script /Applications/ lvrs calls Yahoo! That feature has been corrected.For example, queries that used to look simple like this: m/forecastrss?The full-month calendar can still be center-aligned, though).Definitely check this out!I searched around for answers, which led me to various theories (see here and here ) as to why the scripts no longer worked. Instead, I chose to base a consolidated solution for displaying a weather icon, current weather conditions, and forecast upon Thomas Uptons original Python script, which I called, partnered with a custom Bash script called for assisting with the current weather icon handling.