code breaker episode 5

Chisa passes out after Ogami goads her to take revenge on him in the future, and Toki finds out that Hitomi is the real mastermind behind the research project.
Sakura tries to convince Ogami not to kill Tabata, game audition ban full moi nhat but Ogami has no choice but to kill Tabata, who tried to attack him with a scalpel.
The remaining children are transported to another research facility, while Chisa receives medical attention.Tabata is revealed to be the head of the research facility.The two children finally rest in peace when Ogami and Toki kill the guards.Inside the facility, Sakura learns that the Code:Breakers are a government agency run directly under the command of the Prime Minister.The facility houses kids with special abilities hooked up to machines for close monitoring, in which the lower levels of the facility are used for experiments via dissections, having their organs removed and sold and their corpses placed in large preservative jars.Click here and clear your browser cache.
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It turns out that Tabata performed such experiments in order to find suitable transplants for Chisa, who also has special abilities.Report Broken Video, processing your request, Please wait.Just as Ogami is about to kill Tabata, his crippled daughter Chisa Shigeru appears.Thank you so much!Report as: Broken LinksInvalid / Wrong Links, why are you reporting?The two guards return and resume their fight with Ogami and Toki, who both discover that the backpacks each contained a child with special abilities, who each had a younger sibling among the failed experiments.
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