cd tray keeps opening

When I push the button, the motor turn and I hear clicks but the disk tray will not go back n this be fix or do I need to replace it?
(You may have to experiment with various tasks or with various burn programs.) Be sure to write down what works.
Sorry I had fn on lock lol Page 2 of 2 Provide an Answer Name Answer Reload Image Enter the code displayed above here: Didn't find what you were looking for on this page?My nc6220 tray wouldn't open because I didn't seat the CD securely enough onto the tray before I closed.Nov 10, 2007 Technics SC-EH780 CD Shelf System 2 Answers Technics ho2 no play error u need a new motor in yr dvd player i had same problem so had new motor fitted cost 50 pound works now Sep 20, 2007 Technics SC-DV290 System Not.Jul 17, 2017 Technics Audio Players Recorders 883 people viewed this question Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!Although this is very cruel if you apply of bubble shooter game this to some one, then please be sure to fix it before he/she shoots you with a 50 caliber rifle.Aug 16, 2017 Technics Audio Players Recorders 0 Answers my technics SC-EH780 will only play radio.RE: CD-R tray wont open or close.
My tray is having issues.
Tom on January 7, 2009, rE: CD-R tray wont open or close.

I prised of the flat front to the CD tray (it only clips on) this enabled me to get to the flat tray and prise it open from underneath.Technics SL-DV280 (SC-DV280) if the disc starts to rotate when helped by hand then you definately have a weak spindle motor.If you are interested in having your Technics repaired, please look to my website.Kiel on March 24, 2008 cd tray is messed up hey my dvd rom tray is working fine and has the green light and the discs are reading and everything.It's a separates 'style' system, not sure if its compatible with a different CD player.Technics SE CA1080 Service Manual there is a chip called an operational amplifier under a heat sink on the pcb, that fails when it get top volumed for two long theres regulators with heatsinks.Malficeus on April 12, 2008, rE: CD-R tray wont open or close for those of you who have a laptop and the paperclip method wont work or you cant find the hole you might be missing.For example for KDE give executable permission and place the script inside /.kde/Autostart.
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