bully bullworth academy pc game

Curriculum Edit The school also has a football field and provides at least twelve classes: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Gym, History, Home Economics, Math, Music, Photography and Shop.
My documents then Bully Scholarship Edition folder.Contents show, school Information.Then when the player jumps out (still facing the wall) Jimmy should be out of Bullworth and is able to purchase new clothes or bikes.Further south is the Gymnasium and the Football Field.It is run by,.As such, this was done to make sure that players explore the school first and familiarize themselves with the game controls.The school has 60 students, not including the.The player needs to go to the bin near the girls dorm hop in it and face the wall.PC Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame, publisher: Take 2 Interactive, developer: Rockstar.On the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition it is possible to escape Bullworth Academy.South of the main building is a courtyard with the fountain.Classes follow a Class schedule.At the end of the game, Gary Smith is expelled and, zoe Taylor is enrolled, so the number of students remains.
Harrington House is east of the fountain, and the Autoshop and garages, which cover a lot of area, can be reached from the west.

Its blazon is: Quarterly, I azure a fist affronty; II or a serpent azure erect; III or a rat azure statant reversed; IV azure a cranium or affronty; for a Crest, a bull's head or; for Supporters, dexter and sinister leaves.Campus Layout Edit Bullworth Academy's campus takes up roughly 16 of the town of Bullworth.Bullworth Academy, faculty 17, enrollment 60, prefects 4, bullworth Academy is an independent boarding school located in the town.You play Jimmy Hopkins, a young teenager of 15 years and really this ill do anything to win and take his nasty reputation.History and Home Economics are never available to Jimmy.Installation: Unzip the archive into the game folder.Other buildings exist, but they have no major role tom and jerry fist of furry game for pc in the game.Xbox 360 and, nintendo Wii in March 2008.
This area is where students from opposing cliques most often encounter each other, and.