bibleman a fight for faith game

You have to click and hold the mouse button for your character to move anywhere and it is difficult to click on objects.
So, I tried playing with Biblegirl (for a macho man like myself that was a stretch).
Sound: The sounds are done really well, and the voices get right cs 1.6 player sampled are a nice addition.
I also noticed that there was a lot of clipping going on (one minute I would be on a staircase and the next minute I would be below it).The only drawback this reviewer can see to the graphics is they are a bit small.Strangely enough there were no details about the game except for an awful video clip showing no in-game scenes.View larger, reference: Condition: New product 0 Item Items, this product is no longer in stock.Graphics: The graphics have amazing detail, and it shows.Based on the best-selling Bibleman videos and national live-tour, A Fight for Faith, players can choose to be Bibleman, Cypher or Biblegirl.This reviewer feels that ones hard earned money is well spent on a game like this.Sexuality: Sexuality is not addressed in this game at all.I was then given the opportunity to choose a character (unfortunately Bibleman was locked so I had to choose a sidekick) and start the game.Moral/Ethical Issues: There are no moral, or ethical issues in this game that are detrimental.Sitting and waiting to be attacked, only to defend myself is something that rubs me the wrong way.Yes, God is working on me in regards to patience.I found no fault at all with the controls.There are different missions to accomplish like find all the parts of a machine to break up the deflecting the enemies shots back at them.Put on the full armor of God, as we analyze Covenant Studios, Inc.'s first title.Ultimately the decision is yours?
There are three difficulty settings, and different settings to add to the difficulty of the game.

A bonus 3 points is awarded for teaching Biblical values.There are games that are more graphically intense on the PC (Personal Computer and they require the latest hardware to run them.There is no blood or gore.God bless you and yours.The Wacky Protestor tries to turn some kids away from God, and Bibleman uses the Word of God to save the kids.The animations are even worse.Closing Comments: Bibleman: A Fight for Faith gives me mixed feelings.Occult Themes: 10/10, sexuality: 10/10, moral/Ethical Issues: 10/10, appropriateness total: 52/50.
Occult Themes: Absolutely none.